[ARCHIVED] Grant to build and fund a recurring Content Solver

Proposal Title: Fund a recurring Content Solver

Authors: Paul from Cambrian Protocol

Date: Jan 26 2022

How will your proposal, if activated, benefit BitDAO?

A Solver is a Smart Contract that allows DAOs to autonomously contract for services on-chain. A recurring Content Solver in particular will allow BitDAO to autonomously fund the recurring creation of content marketing.

This project will grow awareness of BitDAO and drive the vision of BitDAO - “to usher in an unstoppable economy enabled by decentralized assets, decentralized technologies, and decentralized organizations.”

What are the projected outcomes?

This project is pre-MVP so BitDAO would be the first, or one of the first DAOs to use a Content Solver. We expect the following outcomes- total awareness of BitDAO will grow and BitDAO will be positioned to scale by proposing other Solvers.

A little background.

Cambrian Protocol is an open source Web 3 project aiming to enable DAOs (and ultimately any organization) to use smart contracts to buy services. What’s unique about this is the way we are structuring these smart contracts to integrate with oracles and subgraphs and with a platform that includes communities of freelance workers, entrepreneurs, and service providers. So, while this will have the obvious benefits of lowering the take rate and democratizing ownership, the more interesting outcome will be as integrations, automation and composability of the smart contracts unlock entirely new opportunities.

Our MVP smart contract uses the ERC-1155 conditional token framework and integrations into IPFS and arbitration to enable a DAO to fund a steady recurring flow of content marketing. For example, if BitDAO funds a Content Solver for 6months, each month a write race will select a writer and topic to create an article about BitDAO.

We are in discussions with Bankless DAO to have writers from their community as the pool of writers from which a new writer will be selected each month. There could be the possibility to leverage their media (or other media channels) for guaranteed reach as well.

We think this is a new and exciting way for business to move on-chain. We selected the Content Solver as our MVP because it is simple and low stakes/low risk, and because all organizations can benefit from content marketing.

How long will it take to complete your proposed changes?

We plan to test the MVP in April with a goal of having recurring Content Solvers ready shortly thereafter. A Content Solver could run indefinitely if it was adding value. From there we can explore other Solvers.

Who is involved?

The Cambrian Protocol is a small team. We are working on a partnership with Bankless so their consulting team and writers could be involved.
We’re happy to include members of BitDAO if there is interest.

What are the milestones?

(April) Test of MVP; (May) Completion of first Content Solver, (June-July) Iteration and 2nd proposal to fund of recurring Content Solver


  1. Timeline

see above

  1. Budget

$75,000 grant for operations from Aprli to July and for writers’ compensation

  1. Add technical details and/or links to source documentation
  1. Include any other relevant details on how this proposal will be accomplished

Next Steps? If this proposal is accepted, what are the immediate action items?

Next steps could be a formal presentation of the Content MVP and options for BitDAO community to support the Content Solver (if that is desired). Or we can turn on the content solver and start automating the recurring production of content for BitDAO.

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