[ARCHIVED] Partner with xToken Terminal for Uniswap V3 Liquidity Mining

Hello BitDAO community! I’m Ben, Growth Lead from xToken.

In this post, I’d like to introduce xToken, outline the capabilities of our newly launched platform xToken Terminal, and lay out the business case for using Terminal’s Mining app.

About xToken

Since we launched in July 2020, we’ve served thousands of DeFi users with our native staking and liquidity strategies, processing over $300 million in primary volume across our funds and peaking at $150 million in TVL. Given our deep expertise with Uniswap V3 strategies and unique experience working with other DeFi projects, we’ve transitioned to building DeFi infrastructure to simplify financial primitives.

Our new platform, xToken Terminal, aims to be the most trusted and robust capital markets and liquidity management platform for Web3. We want to provide DeFi projects with seamless access to fundamental on-chain primitives. Mining, the first app deployed on Terminal, allows a project to deploy and configure a customized Uniswap V3 liquidity mining campaign in a few easy clicks — freeing up valuable development resources while providing an enhanced user experience, added configurability, and augmented security.

Why Should I Incentivize Liquidity on V3?

Uniswap V3 is a step-function improvement in the AMM space, offering better capital efficiency for liquidity providers, improved execution for traders, and a more powerful launchpad for DeFi infrastructure. We believe that liquidity will continue to migrate from V2 (and elsewhere) and that V3 will cement itself as the preeminent DEX.

For DeFi and NFT projects on Polygon, maintaining a strong liquidity presence on Uniswap V3 enhances community access to your token(s), while helping to promote discoverability and connectedness with the rest of the Web3 ecosystem.

The Problem with Current V3 Liquidity Mining Solutions

Unlike V2, integrating with the Uniswap V3 contracts requires significant development expertise. Projects pursuing LM on Uni V3 spend precious resources developing custom contracts or writing complex off-chain scripts – time that could be used to develop the core product offering.

While there are a few active solutions currently being used in the ecosystem, we believe there should be a complete, end-to-end solution with customizable features, top-notch UX and an emphasis on trustlessness and discoverability.

The Terminal Difference

With Terminal’s Mining app, xToken has built an integrated, configurable architecture that allows partners to permissionlessly configure and deploy V3 liquidity mining programs in a few easy clicks.

What makes Mining the best solution for Uni V3 LM?

  • Ease of use for pool sponsors:
    • DeFi projects can deploy and configure a highly customized LM program via the intuitive Terminal UI in a matter of minutes
  • Ease of use and end-to-end experience for LPs
    • Users deposit liquidity through the Terminal UI and are immediately earning rewards. No need to engage with multiple UIs or deposit LP tokens to external staking rewards contracts
  • Full feature set
    • Sponsors can customize their programs with any Uni V3 price range, multiple rewards tokens and an optional vesting period on rewards
    • The data-rich Terminal UI provides useful pool data for both sponsors and LPs
  • Enhanced security
    • Our contracts have been audited by ABDK and CertiK and we’ve launched an ImmuneFi Bug Bounty program.
  • Low fees
    • We charge a small one-time pool deployment fee and a 1% fee on distributed rewards. All fees from rewards are paid back to $XTK stakers.
  • Discoverability
    • All deployed Mining pools will be viewable on the Terminal app, providing a new way for DeFi users to discover your community

Contact us to Learn More

Interested in a product demo or deeper conversation about how we can help? Feel free to contact me directly, via email (ben at xtoken.market), Telegram (@ben_xtoken), or Discord (TheGoldenEel#5605).