BitDAO buy back program working?

Hello ,
I have doubts about buy back program ,as all you know prices still down a few months .
the community does not know who is controlling buy back program. bybit says bots buying realy ?
looks like to me some bots buying , some bots seliing .
we know bybit have huge bit wallet .
bybit and other partners should share wallet addresses and purchasing program should be transparent.
all bit investors down almost 80%



It is obvious that the purchasing program is not implemented. I don’t know what the managers are doing, but they are incompetent. No control over the website. Our questions are not answered. Because of this irresponsibility, I think money was laundered through BITDAO. It may be used as a source for illegal activities. WHO MANAGES BITDAO? we have been scammed and we have to accept it

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here is bit price chart explain everyting.

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Hey folks,

Let’s focus on the main points before you make baseless accusations. I agree that there is still a problem of transparency in some aspects in the management of BitDAO, but what we officially know:

BitDAO has 4 main contributors, they are: Bybit, Mirana, Windranger Labs and Alameda.
They are real and well respected in the crypto industry, there is no point in these accusations without proof.


It is natural for DAOs to start with some centralization and over time they move towards decentralization. Suggestion: Create a storytelling of BitDAO since its creation, I know this has already been promised, but it is urgent because it is something recurrent in accusations because of lack of information.

About the Buyback Program:

The program is already implemented, but the results must not have been as expected and a readjustment was necessary (BIP-12), I had warned about this… see

In my opinion, Buyback held a possible even stronger drop in BIT, but the objective mentioned in the proposal is not price support, but to be a bridge between BIT and growth of the treasury, so part of the community is disappointed because of the expectation created.

We need to see the data from BIP-12 in the next few days to analyze and measure the level of success. An official announcement with data and roadmap would help keep the community informed.

If BitDAO needs help on the technicality of this and other proposals, I’m at your disposal.

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You can write pages pages about Trust us.
no one can explain about this price drop . looks like next a few monts price goes down 0.1$
did you remember gm coin ? bybit louncpad and lounchpoll gives this coin and everyday biybit adversite gm gm … on twitter . when anyone says to me trust us i remeb-mber gm coin.
now it’s gm chart

Updates on the buy back program will be posted as they are available. As this thread is not a soft proposal, it will be relocated to the Feedback categorty

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@numune constructive criticism is welcome in the forum, name-calling and unfounded accusations are not constructive. This comment has been flagged, please remove the accusatory tone or the comment will be moderated

We invested and gave our money because we believe in bitdao. However, since the management cannot do its job and avoid questions, its price is constantly falling in the market. Our money melted more than other coins. Send your Telegram address and let’s discuss from there