šŸ’”ļ½œDelegate Reimbursementļ½œ2022-Q1ļ½œSoft Proposal

There is strong interest within the BitDAO community to have a more diverse and spoken for delegate pool. This early forum post caught some of that sentiment ā€¦

[DISCUSSION] Allocate partner voting rights to community delegates

One of the challenges preventing this to occur within BitDAO Governance Phase 1 and state of the Ethereum blockchain are transaction costs.

:bulb:ļ½œDelegate Reimbursementļ½œ2022-Q1

I propose that BitDAO reimburse transaction costs occurred to those that delegate their $BIT to a Community Delegate during 2022-Q1.

Additional Parameters

I do believe that there should be some additional parameters surrounding this (IE: required duration of HODL, minimum amount of $BIT to receive this, other thoughts?) and will defer before calling this a ā€œfinalized draftā€. Also not sure what is feasible from a technical implementation standpoint.

Simple Proposal

This isnā€™t a complicated or in-depth proposal. I personally would have voted on BIP-5 & BIP-6 but the transaction costs and perceived benefits left me with this looming question ā€¦

Does my voice really matter anyway?

This thought is one of the reasons that I didnā€™t delegate prior to today. Now that I have mostly completed BitDAO Community Delegate / Ambassador onboarding process, submitted my own delegate pitch (link to: forum post / tweet) ā€¦ I felt that I should proceed with delegating $BIT to yonks.eth (myself).

~~ yonks.eth


There are a few technical issues here; it would be difficult to prevent a Sybil that would effectively drain the treasury by throwing delegations back and forth.

Aside from that, I believe a community delegation program (i.e. Ɔmbassy) is the solution to this, and our efforts are precisely why I stopped chasing delegation myself; community engagement is a process, but the snowball is rolling down the hill. From when I initially made that post there was next to no community engagement. At this point, Iā€™m extremely impressed by the progress weā€™ve been making.

I also wonder if it would possibly serve to drive low-effort engagement.

If you take a look at the proposal discussions, as much as thereā€™s high-level deliberation happening, thereā€™s also quite a few people who drop in to disparage the OP. Usually with concerns that have been previously addressed earlier in the thread.

Just my two cents; but I believe if you consider what weā€™re aiming for in the new year, thereā€™s the very real potential to facilitate delegations from individuals who would be incentivized to carefully consider why they are delegating. I think this will lead to high-level engagement and collaboration.

The new year is just a few weeks away!

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Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:, Letā€™s make it huge!