[DISCUSSION] BitDAO x AfricaDAO: Accelerating Web3 Adoption Across The Fastest Growing Continent

Thank you Connie much appreciated!


Appreciate the kind words Howard.


Appreciate the kind words!


Hi AfricaDAO,
Your project and local support is amazing and the vote is well on your side, congratulations !!
I have nevertheless some questions and comments.

The first one is that AfricaDAO is mainly focus on crypto adoption in Africa. To reach this objective, education is key but the budget allocated to Education is 5% which is not a significant part of the total budget, why ?

Second question is about the 90% of the budget allocated to investments and acquisition. AfricaDAO has identified 5 main relevant criteria but plenty of projects may fit, especially at an early stage, so how AfricaDAO will choose these projects? Will AfricaDAO mentor/tutor these projects to lead them to be successful, if yes, how? Will it be transparent for the community, how you choose the funded projects? Will the AfricaDAO community and the BitDAO community be involved in this process ? Otherwise, how AfricaDAO match with the definition of a DAO if the community is not involved ?

Third question also about the “investment and acquisition” part which is 90% of the budget, so 94.5M. Is the acquisition of projects a good way to foster innovation ? Especially if the acquisition is leaded by a third-party here AfricaDAO so considered as an entity of “the crypto industry”. I wonder if a maximum threshold investment (like 49% of max VC investments) would help to justify that AfricaDAO and BitDAO support innovation in Africa, but do not own it.

Wish you a lot of success !!


Hi all -

Pantera Capital here. We’re investors in both BitDAO and Jambo Technology and are proud to be an official supporter of this important initiative. Voting YES was an easy decision given the strong:

  1. Proposal which, through its three-pronged approach, clearly outlines a well thought out and robust plan to achieve the DAO’s goal of accelerating web3 adoption in Africa; and

  2. Team (@jambojames and @jamboalice) who are made up of proven operators that know how to navigate their way through the African business ecosystem.

We’ve actively invested into businesses enabling greater access to crypto in Africa, including AZA Finance (fka BitPesa), VALR and Jambo Technology. We’re proud to support the AfricaDAO initiative with the direct involvement of our General Partner, Paul Veradittakit, and are even more excited today for the future of Web3 in Africa.

We look forward to supporting the next wave of founders and proposals that will develop the necessary tools to accelerate the mass adoption of web3 in Africa!


Agreed. Africa has the most traction in crypto adoption, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a large and fast-growing youthful population. The Savimbo Project is looking at Somalia as one of our sites for mangrove fair-trade carbon offsets and given the difficulty with stable banking in the region and collective tribal land ownership, crypto penetration would significantly aid on-the-ground deployment.