[DISCUSSION] Continent DAO - Bringing Mass Adoption to BIT

Proposal Title: Continent DAO - Bringing Mass Adoption to BIT

Authors: Adonis Ferreira - Gov Lead in Continent DAO

Date: December 18, 2021


We propose a partnership between the newly created Continent DAO and BitDAO to accelerate the mass adoption of BIT, Crypto, DeFi, DIDs and Metaverso products in environments that are in dire need, as is the case in Latin America.

With the $22M USD funding, we will form the first major initiative among companies, blockchains, DAOs and government institutions in the world with this mission.

Our initial focus is the development of the “Free Wi-Fi” program, in a joint effort with our partners including government institutions such as the city of São Paulo,the largest city in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte e others brazilian cities providing internet access to millions of people and unlocking all the potential of the Web 3 Data Economy; Passion Economy […]


Continent DAO

Continent DAO commits to reserve and send: 20% of the total allocation of the governance token (200,000,000 $CONT) to BitDAO; 50% of the collections of the utility NFT “Free Wi-Fi” and preference in choosing and choice preference and 30% of the voting governors committee seats designated by BitDAO governance.


BitDAO commits to funding Continente DAO with $22M USD divided into 2 tranches of 11M USD each, in crypto assets. The first tranche must be sent after the approval of this proposal, and the rest through milestones and BitDAO governance approval.

You can find the full proposal here.

Continent DAO - 为 BIT 带来大规模采用

Also access our website and documentation.


Why does this make sense for Continent DAO?

  • Bringing together both communities that share the same values and goals is critical to the success of Continent DAO’s goals. By receiving this funding, we will be able to start work in several countries in a matter of a few months and guarantee the maintenance of the 5-year average of government contracts.

  • Active participation in decision-making with the accents reserved for BitDAO would promote better governance and communication between both organizations.

Why does this make sense for BitDAO?

  • To pioneer the largest large-scale adoption initiative in the world with private companies, DAOs, blockchains and government institutions.

  • Having access to millions of people without intermediaries (such as social networks or messaging apps) is unprecedented in the industry.

  • Bring BIT to millions/billions of people.

  • Achieve greater scalability with one of the best blockchain technologies in the world.

Some comments:

We can request and attempt to launch our token (CONT) in Bybit to benefit BIT holders.

We saw a great interest from the community in the buyback proposal, I made a suggestion a little more sustainable that might be of interest. See my idea here.


Looks great. Do your team holds enough bitDAO token to put the proposal on snapshot?


Hey, thank you. We are focusing on receiving feedback on the proposal and looking for improvements. But we intend to propose it in a vote soon, we hope that some delegate or moderator can propose it, but if it doesn’t happen, we will do it on our own.


free wifi program for kids and teenager?
i dont think this is a good promote for bitdao


The programs do not have a minimum or maximum age range. But the audience can be targeted as needed.

For example, if we want to reach the largest financial center in Latin America, we can invest in greater distribution in Faria Lima (The “Brazilian Wall Street”), where the public is adults and interested in finance and investment.


@Don I read your proposal and I’m still trying to understand what problem you are trying to solve and how you will create a sustainable situation for solving that problem.



@Yonks The main objective is the mass adoption of web3 and its benefits in populations that most need them, but we have a barrier (problem to be solved) which is the lack of internet access, without it no crypto space product is possible to be used.

So we offer an alternative solution to this problem, through partnerships including government entities.

The sustainability of this program is also mentioned in the Abstract of the proposal, which is the commercialization of data from internet accesses that we offer to populations (Web3 Data Economy).

This data tends to get more valuable over time, as at first it is data from non-crypto people, but it will become crypto users and this increases the values exponentially.

We will easily surpass the number of active addresses of any current blockchain and protocol in a few weeks.


Visionary proposal, BitDAO needs more projects like this, high-scale, to attract more people to the ecosystem., I look forward to voting, and I hope to be able to join the ContinentDao community. :wink:


@Don In 2022 with the forthcoming satellite internet capabilities of companies such as Starlink (SpaceX) and Project Kuiper (Amazon), I do not believe that it would be wise for large amounts of capital be deployed in building out WiFi infrastructure.

Furthermore people increasingly have access to 3G/4G/5G data access on their smartphones.

Our studies and the information we have obtained do not indicate that only new means of accessing the internet will solve current problems. Satellite Internet is a great option when we’re talking in remote locations with few accesses, but they don’t work well in crowded environments.

Each Starlink satellite supports 2,000 connected people. Is that enough for a ship transiting the Pacific Ocean? Yes, but for a single city of 20M people? No, imagine this on a continental scale.

37% of the world population has no access to the internet, in Brazil most use prepaid service with limited data usage. Today, investments in the metaverse area are not restricted only to applications/platforms, but also to infrastructure. If you are interested in reading more on the topic, I recommend the recent NASDAQ posts on this topic:



We added in the proposal co-authorship: Jordan Gray from NEAR Foundation.

As our proposal continued to be discussed on the official BitDAO channels, we decided to make changes and improvements to meet everyone’s interest.

We have increased the total allocation of tokens from 4% to 10%, now totaling 100M CONT tokens, this fulfills the most frequent request we receive to increase the allocation, this was made possible by adding “Tokens transferred immediately if the proposal passes (30M - first tranche)”.

This mechanism has also been used in the BIT - FTT swap proposal, as you can consult here.

So tokens transferred immediately if the proposal passes. The use of the Rainbow Bridge is recommended (Rainbow Bridge) / Aurora and destined resources directly to Continent DAO Treasury address: continent-dao.sputnik-dao.near

We would like to indicate this first tranche with the following formation:

10,000,000 BIT (approximately 15M USD)
7,500,000 USDT (7.5M)
7,500,000 USDC (7.5M)

(50% BIT / 25% USDT / 25% USDC)

We also detail the use of resources on an annual basis. Forming investment in batches - also suggestion from BitDAO’s Chinese community. Pages 4-5


I contacted Ocean Protocol, they have never heard of you and ContinentDAO, they will even report your site. I contacted the city of São Paulo via email, their DAO does not have any partnership with them. And finally to Near, they said that you lost funding for not complying with the agreement. All your partnerships are fake, this is probably a scam.

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I had reported this comment for the baseless accusations, but I will respond to it in order to maintain our commitment to transparency.

About NEAR, we received constant support from the NEAR Foundation, we reached the mark of 70,000 registered users and we received the second grant this week. :partying_face:

Our activities with Ocean Protocol are always described in detail in the use of marketplaces for the sale of the Data mentioned in the Free WiFi program. I spoke directly to their Head of Communications a few weeks ago.
The Web 3 Data Economy is an important part of our program and we are studying various applications not only from Ocean Protocol but from Itheum and others as well.

The City of São Paulo does not have a DAO, Continent DAO has a direct relationship with the government (without any intermediary), we have collaborations in the initiatives mentioned in this proposal and in our documentation.
Our contracts will be reviewed prior to submitting our proposal to governance. (this not only with the city of São Paulo, but with all the other special cities that we have in our alliance).

I hope I have clarified your doubts or accusations that didn’t make sense, but thank you for your participation here. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the next few days I will send here the news and changes that we have defined in our proposal. I would like to thank the BitDAO community for feedback and suggestions. :partying_face:


As promised, I will announce new and very important changes to the Continent DAO tokenomics and the proposal with BitDAO. :nerd_face:

A governance token that assigns many roles can suffer from different interests and also consequences in compliance and laws. Government programs and partnerships require KYC, the CONT token was designed to be a free-use token, so we decided to create a second token, a utility non-fungible token.

The token CONT governance token will continue to have the same roles and tokennomics already defined.

A Utility NFT collection will be created to identify and represent the internet access points (hotspots), their individual information and indicate the ownership. An additional KYC process will be carried out for the owners of these tokens who wish to make use of the hotspots as a partner of Continent DAO, private and government partners.

Holders of NFTs who do not wish to participate in the KYC process:

  • Trading in peer exchanges with similar tokens or other tokens.
  • NFT staking in pairs with CONT on exchanges.

NFT holders with the approved KYC process will have the following benefits:

  • Monetization of marketing/advertising of accesses during connections.
  • You will receive 10% of the collective commercialization of the collected data, during 5 years from the first use.
  • Special NFTs also allow eventual uses of public spaces for Marketing/Advertising.
  • Sharing of Brands in publicity of private and governmental partners.

First NFT Collection :fire:

The first Free WiFi collection will have only 150 pieces, this collection will contain the most varied locations (museums, parks, shopping areas, subways, tourist attractions and historical monuments).

The minimum bid for each token is $400K USD. (This is the minimum amount to cover all operations of a connection point for 5 years).

The first Free WiFi collection will have only 150 pieces and will be used in the City of São Paulo (21st largest economy in the world).

Changes in the Proposal

  • BitDAO will receive 20% CONT tokens. (this will guarantee the same average voting rights with DAOs already approved by BitDAO)

  • BitDAO will receive 65 NFTs from the Free WiFi collection, with KYC already verified. (valued at $26M USD)

  • BitDAO will have preference in choosing its 65 NFTs.


  1. We added +10% of the total CONT allocation to BitDAO.

  2. The addition of utility NFTs to our tokennomics will add more $26M USD of value to BitDAO’s treasury.

  3. Government and private partners will be able to contribute a lot to the BitDAO ecosystem. We participate in meetings that involve paying taxes with cryptocurrencies (We can suggest CONT and BIT), smart city projects, regulations and several other areas for collaborations.


Hi @numune, if you read “discussion” and didn’t understand the meaning, I’ll help you, that means that the proposal is being developed with the participation of the community, it’s not in the final version.

I update here based on the feedback we receive on official channels and report on progress.
My credentials and that of the co-authors can be verified through the links that we provide here and prior to submitting the proposal to governance.

Our first contacts with BitDAO are since September 2021, even before the launch of Continent DAO which was in October 2021. ContiDAO has the DNA of BitDAO since its creation…

And … we will try to prove this in voting (governance).

I checked and you seem to be a new user so you may not know these facts.

Thank you for your participation even if negative or non-constructive. :slightly_smiling_face:


I could not see any tangible benefit of your project for BiDAO. Are we just going to donate to you for awareness?

This is a business arrangement, not a donation.

The reason you can’t see benefits for BitDAO may be because you’ve made it very clear in previous posts that you only care about personal financial gain.

Sorry, but I have no reason to try to convince someone who says they have lost trust and faith in BitDAO.

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Because of people like you who only try to get money from the treasury, you keep the agenda busy by preventing sensible projects from coming. That’s why I said I’m starting to lose my faith, I haven’t lost it yet. I have to consider my personal interests because I support financially and morally. Therefore, if you can’t persuade me and other investors’ money, the DAO structure is not suitable for you.


  • Now our proposal is also available in Chinese (Mandarin), I would like to thank the BitDAO Chinese community for feedback and suggestions, you have been fundamental for us. Read the proposal here - Continent DAO - 为 BIT 带来大规模采用.

  • Continent DAO has started conversations and is aligning interests with a UN-ITU initiative, we intend to contribute to the mission to connect all schools in the world to the internet and receive support in our core Free WiFi program, other partners in this initiative are Musk Foundation, Dell, Ericsson and others. If BitDAO Core and partners are interested in participating in this initiative directly as well, just contact us.

  • Continent DAO governance reacted positively to BitDAO’s L1 proposal, in this post we would like to publicly commit to contributing to the success of this proposal and its execution.

  • Contract details are also available for BitDAO Core if needed.