[DISCUSSION] Mantle Token Design, Conversion Parameters, and Asset Handling

congrats to the community and team, a Twitter space and a discussion about the proposal could be a good idea

  • It is clear and concise. You had done a good job of explaining the purpose of the proposal, the key issues involved, and the proposed solutions.
  • It is supported by evidence. You also provided evidence to support your claims, such as the fact that the token conversion ratio of 1 BIT to 3.14 MNT has been tested and found to be feasible.
  • It considers the costs and benefits. The team has considered the costs and benefits of implementing the proposal, and have made a convincing case that the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • It is critical of the proposal. The team has not shied away from asking difficult questions and challenging the assumptions made in the proposal.

Overall, I think the proposal is a good one. It is well-written, well-supported, and well-reasoned. I would recommend voting “Yes” on the proposal.

However, there are a few things that I would like to see the team address before the proposal is finalized. First, I would like to see more information about the audit of the $MNT token. I would like to know who conducted the audit, what the findings of the audit were, and how the team plans to address any of the issues that were identified. Second, I would like to see more information about the timeline for the implementation of the $MNT token on Mantle Network testnet and mainnet. I would like to know when the team expects to launch the $MNT token, and what steps they will take to ensure a smooth transition.

I believe that addressing these issues would make the proposal even stronger. I am confident that the team will be able to address these issues, and I look forward to voting on the proposal when it is finalized.

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Am I correct in understanding that I can hold bit tokens (metamask) and wait for the automatic conversion without additional costs? now I would not like to spend one more time on the commission in ethereum )))

It would be interesting to see the full detailed tokenomics

Despite the fact that $BIT is much better in many forms than $MNT, I support this project, since the final proposal is made in favor of the Mantle project.
Tokens should be exchanged 1:1, and not become a total of 31.4 billion.

It is also interesting to know the maximum supply of $MNT tokens

Bitdao’s total supply is 10 billion, and the exchange rate is 3.14 means the total supply of MNT will increase?