[DISCUSSION] Participates in Staking or Lending to earn interest to repurchase BIT

previous discussion: https://discourse.bitdao.io/t/dao-should-participate-in-eth2-stake-through-lido/760

Reference compound APY: USD(S) 4%, ETH 3%
Our Treasury Balance: ETH $401857342, USD(S) $43996386+$43996287

401857342*0.03 + (43996386 + 43996287)*0.04 = 15575427.18

This will generate $15M in annual revenue

It is recommended that 50% of the Treasury be drawn for Staking or Lending. The interest earned is used to repurchase BIT in the DEX

Participation ratio options: 0%(no change), 10%, 20%, 50%


Can participate in liquidity mining of Tracer too.Tracer Liquidity Mining
High risk-free yield through long/short hedging.

I learned from discord that they have planned to use Treasury to participate in farming.

Wonderful Idea!
It’s a good way to maker profit and pull BITDAO UP.


Hi, 4% is not that much. If interested in partnership I can offer up to 10% on ETH if lock time is 365D. More info idleearn.com or use contact form.

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hey guys, as I know, bitdao was establishing a professional team to do with that, be patient!


throw 600 millions dollar into a single defi protocol is not a good idea, be careful with the hacker!


Simply, no. There are work going on existing projects that will enable it in future

Yes. It is safer to consider the top defis of the staking amount.

Personally I’m to risk adverse to put 50% of my money in a single place. But I do think a risk appropriate allocation of funds towards farming should definitely be part of the overall portfolio. I think a series of strategic partnerships with the likes of Yearn, Convex, Beefy, Curve, Lido, Sushi (of course) and some new structured product protocols is worth thinking about. Ideally we can bring these various protocols “under one roof”, connecting them via BIT, and create strategies to increase capital efficiency for the investor and add liquidity to the individual protocols. This way we can present a wide variety of the best protocols to the investors to trade, generating fees. Toss in a few AMM’s, hedges vs IL, a launchpad etc… You get my point. The largest task and arguably the most important is a Great UX/UI. The retail investor requires it.


good idea, i suggest to lending to CEX for providing liquidaty, like binance, ftx, okex, bybit.
lending or staking in DEX or defi will expose to potential hack risk.
i prefer lending the CEXs, they are too big to fall down. once money got hacked, the CEX will be responsible for loss of any potential risk