[NO QUORUM] BIP-15:2 Continent DAO: Bringing Mass Adoption to BIT

I contacted Ocean Protocol, they have never heard of you and ContinentDAO, they will even report your site. I contacted the city of São Paulo via email, their DAO does not have any partnership with them. And finally to Near, they said that you lost funding for not complying with the agreement. All your partnerships are fake, this is probably a scam.


I had reported this comment for the baseless accusations, but I will respond to it in order to maintain our commitment to transparency.

About NEAR, we received constant support from the NEAR Foundation, we reached the mark of 70,000 registered users and we received the second grant this week. :partying_face:

Our activities with Ocean Protocol are always described in detail in the use of marketplaces for the sale of the Data mentioned in the Free WiFi program. I spoke directly to their Head of Communications a few weeks ago.
The Web 3 Data Economy is an important part of our program and we are studying various applications not only from Ocean Protocol but from Itheum and others as well.

The City of São Paulo does not have a DAO, Continent DAO has a direct relationship with the government (without any intermediary), we have collaborations in the initiatives mentioned in this proposal and in our documentation.
Our contracts will be reviewed prior to submitting our proposal to governance. (this not only with the city of São Paulo, but with all the other special cities that we have in our alliance).

I hope I have clarified your doubts or accusations that didn’t make sense, but thank you for your participation here. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the next few days I will send here the news and changes that we have defined in our proposal. I would like to thank the BitDAO community for feedback and suggestions. :partying_face:


As promised, I will announce new and very important changes to the Continent DAO tokenomics and the proposal with BitDAO. :nerd_face:

A governance token that assigns many roles can suffer from different interests and also consequences in compliance and laws. Government programs and partnerships require KYC, the CONT token was designed to be a free-use token, so we decided to create a second token, a utility non-fungible token.

The token CONT governance token will continue to have the same roles and tokennomics already defined.

A Utility NFT collection will be created to identify and represent the internet access points (hotspots), their individual information and indicate the ownership. An additional KYC process will be carried out for the owners of these tokens who wish to make use of the hotspots as a partner of Continent DAO, private and government partners.

Holders of NFTs who do not wish to participate in the KYC process:

  • Trading in peer exchanges with similar tokens or other tokens.
  • NFT staking in pairs with CONT on exchanges.

NFT holders with the approved KYC process will have the following benefits:

  • Monetization of marketing/advertising of accesses during connections.
  • You will receive 10% of the collective commercialization of the collected data, during 5 years from the first use.
  • Special NFTs also allow eventual uses of public spaces for Marketing/Advertising.
  • Sharing of Brands in publicity of private and governmental partners.

First NFT Collection :fire:

The first Free WiFi collection will have only 150 pieces, this collection will contain the most varied locations (museums, parks, shopping areas, subways, tourist attractions and historical monuments).

The minimum bid for each token is $400K USD. (This is the minimum amount to cover all operations of a connection point for 5 years).

The first Free WiFi collection will have only 150 pieces and will be used in the City of São Paulo (21st largest economy in the world).

Changes in the Proposal

  • BitDAO will receive 20% CONT tokens. (this will guarantee the same average voting rights with DAOs already approved by BitDAO)

  • BitDAO will receive 65 NFTs from the Free WiFi collection, with KYC already verified. (valued at $26M USD)

  • BitDAO will have preference in choosing its 65 NFTs.


  1. We added +10% of the total CONT allocation to BitDAO.

  2. The addition of utility NFTs to our tokennomics will add more $26M USD of value to BitDAO’s treasury.

  3. Government and private partners will be able to contribute a lot to the BitDAO ecosystem. We participate in meetings that involve paying taxes with cryptocurrencies (We can suggest CONT and BIT), smart city projects, regulations and several other areas for collaborations.


Hi @numune, if you read “discussion” and didn’t understand the meaning, I’ll help you, that means that the proposal is being developed with the participation of the community, it’s not in the final version.

I update here based on the feedback we receive on official channels and report on progress.
My credentials and that of the co-authors can be verified through the links that we provide here and prior to submitting the proposal to governance.

Our first contacts with BitDAO are since September 2021, even before the launch of Continent DAO which was in October 2021. ContiDAO has the DNA of BitDAO since its creation…

And … we will try to prove this in voting (governance).

I checked and you seem to be a new user so you may not know these facts.

Thank you for your participation even if negative or non-constructive. :slightly_smiling_face:



  • Now our proposal is also available in Chinese (Mandarin), I would like to thank the BitDAO Chinese community for feedback and suggestions, you have been fundamental for us. Read the proposal here - Continent DAO - 为 BIT 带来大规模采用.

  • Continent DAO has started conversations and is aligning interests with a UN-ITU initiative, we intend to contribute to the mission to connect all schools in the world to the internet and receive support in our core Free WiFi program, other partners in this initiative are Musk Foundation, Dell, Ericsson and others. If BitDAO Core and partners are interested in participating in this initiative directly as well, just contact us.

  • Continent DAO governance reacted positively to BitDAO’s L1 proposal, in this post we would like to publicly commit to contributing to the success of this proposal and its execution.

  • Contract details are also available for BitDAO Core if needed.


I like this project of yours :+1:
But how does this benefit BitDAO holders?:face_with_monocle:

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Great question! Here are some of the direct benefits:

0.5% to 2% airdrop for BIT holders.
• 20% of the total allocation of CONT tokens to the BitDAO Treasury. (200M $CONT)
• Voting power corresponding to 30% in current governance.
• Approximately $26M USD in assets (Utility NFTs).
• Farm incentives CONT <> BIT
• Exclusivity in IEO (Bybit) or IDO (L1 BitDAO)
• Allocate the 10% of revenue to the BitDAO Treasury as a hotspot owner or, for example, integrate it into the buyback program.

Indirect benefits discussed since the soft-proposal was presented:

• Customizable access in the definition of audiences and engagement (BitDAO in the first months of activation of the hotspots would become the largest DAO in the world in several metrics of adoption and usage).
• Presence and exposure in national and Latin American programs offering services and products (acceptance of BIT for tax payments, CBDCs, Stablecoins, Regulations, Smart Cities).
Multi-chain performance.
• Listing on the largest investment bank in Latin America and largest South American exchanges.
• Presence of the BitDAO brand and partners in the international activities mentioned in the previous post.


Hi @sirsyc ,

Thank you for the compliments and questions about our project!

Internet access infrastructure is necessary as a basic premise of Web 3, by providing this benefit to users, we also gain rights to control these hotspots, which will allow Web 3 Data Economy, marketing/advertising, tasks (which may include learn-to-earn, play-to-earn and others). We will be the gateway to mainstream on Web3

Regarding the development of our own products, it is important to say that when observing the crypto scenario, we realize that there are several ready-made products but without any large-scale use, so at first we seek to integrate them; in a second moment we will create our own solutions oriented to our studies and research, important data from the Free WiFi program, informations from applications in use and other sources.

*Spoiler: We have a DeFi project for this second phase that I mentioned, it is already in the planning phase and will serve our future user base, but this is conditional on us being successful in the BitDAO governance vote. We just need to proceed one step at a time. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love the idea project idea and what you folks are trying to achieve. However, I am confused about how you will increase the web3 adoption by providing individuals with “Free Wifi/internet access”. As your plan would work too for further web2 adoption. Is there potentially a new product down the pipeline that will help assist and onboard the next “Million or Billion” users?


This is an interesting proposal. Nowadays internet has become a necessary component of our life, and onboard people through free wifi would definitely attract massive users. The problem is we know wifi is from modems, and it actually requires a lot of modems to power up a “free wifi” program in a city. Do you mean a free cellular data program or free wifi for home internet users?


Do people in Latin America actually lack wifi? Don’t most people use cell phones that have data plans?


Hi @BanktheUnbanked ,

Thanks for your compliment, I think @sirsyc had the same comment and questions but it got deleted. I replied, but if you have any questions, let me know.

Hi @CauseZ
Thanks for the compliment and your question. The entire connection solution, maintenance and services are offered by operators (Telecoms), an all-in-one solution, these private companies will have contracts with Continent DAO. Cities will provide the public spaces and electricity needed.

Hey @coldPlunger
This is a global problem, 37% of the world’s population does not have access to the internet, approximately 3.7 billion people. In Latin America and the Caribbean, there are 32% or 224 million people without access or with limited access.
In Brazil, one of the richest countries in LatAm, most accesses are on a limited or prepaid plan, which makes the mass adoption of Web 3 unfeasible.
With Continent DAO and BitDAO we can change that, attract millions and billions of people to our communities, the impact of this on the crypto industry (and the world) will be gigantic.


Assuming you’re correct that there are still a lot of people who don’t have access to wifi, would those people be in the city of Sao Paulo, the largest city in Latin America?? If they don’t even have internet, how do you expect them to buy the coins you are backing?


Hi @coldPlunger

The data I mentioned is official, most Brazilians use prepaid services and limited packages. In the state of São Paulo there are millions of people who have never connected to the internet, obviously they are concentrated in the capital and in peripheral areas.

Web 3 will not require specific or expensive hardware, but fast internet connections with high data flow will be very demanding.

Initially our target audience does not have purchasing power, they will use our internet connections, generate data and usage and will still receive money for their activities and data (90% of revenue :moneybag:), the governance token will promote the decisions of activities and expansions and the utility NFTs will also receive 10% of the revenues + other benefits we mentioned.

[1] São Paulo tem "ilha" de 7,5 mi de pessoas que nunca acessaram a internet – Fundação Seade

[2] One of every four Brazilians has no internet access | Agência Brasil

[3] Coronavirus and the Internet access in Brazil: digital inequality


@Don Apparently you have been working on this proposal long and hard. Appreciate your dedication, and patience.

Would you also elaborate on

  1. About why you think the Continent DAO is uniquely qualified and capable enough to carry out such a burdensome, though important responsibility?

  2. The current core activities of the DAO, on ground, also about the details of NEAR Foundation grants, and the deliverables (past & future).

  3. About DAO community: current strength & engagement etc

  4. Most importantly, give details of any alternative plans, in case you are not getting the required funding from BitDAO.

I guess, this helps.


What’s the point of having free Wi-Fi? People will just start surfing the Internet for free. How do you want to bring people into the crypto world with this??


Looks great. Do your team holds enough bitDAO token to put the proposal on snapshot?


@kravi Thank you for your questions and your compliment, a multi-million dollar business and dealing directly with a DAO is complex, it takes a lot of patience.

1- For several reasons, in addition to the area of ​​expertise of each governor and teams, our team reached important milestones with a small budget, we developed negotiations with the Brazilian government for months to participate in the internet access project, bring it to the Web 3 and develop these alternative local economies (Web 3 Data Economy, Helium, Content Economy and others).

My leadership is technical and I am the most experienced member, I have been crypto native since 2015, most recently I was Head of Crypto and Senior Trader at a Brazilian bank, at the same time my area of ​​study was Tokenomics, Governance and Game Theory. Still as a senior and competitive trader, I reached rank 8 on exchanges like Binance and participating as a Market Maker on FTX.

I believe that our experiences mixed with the other members of our team and the milestones we have already reached qualify us to accept this challenge.

2- We concluded two grants with the NEAR Foundation that were vital for our advances, studies and great results, approximately 100,000 users arrived at NEAR through our activities, an operation of months with a small budget, the totality of the grants was 135K USD I must include in the frameworks the construction of programs with government authorities and very relevant private companies.

3- Our activities were totally converted to the NEAR Protocol and not to the Continent DAO individually, I think it was a right decision, because we focused all our efforts on the milestones I mentioned, dividing our attention on aspects such as the development of social networks ( only currently reserved), perhaps it would have divided our attention and we would not have developed the degree of excellence that we have achieved; soon we will be able to develop these other areas.

If we had targeted this audience to the Continent DAO or BitDAO, it would outperform all current DAOs on all blockchains in metrics. This is still possible and likely to happen (we still have calls and contact with everyone involved in the campaigns).

4- Professionally and as a leader, of course I had to analyze other scenarios from other stakeholders. But I believe that Continent DAO has the DNA of BitDAO since creation (there is some meme lost on the thread about this lol) and we will do our best to develop a partnership that serves everyone’s interest.

@Alex_Hunter A massive free internet solution also generates a massive amount of data, with the Web 3 Data Economy we will move alternative economies with it and people will have access and economic and social incentive to use crypto tools and products.

@RRRRX Thanks! Yes, after a moment of market difficulty (price dump) we reached the necessary funds, but we took this time to try to get as much support as possible from the community and large BitDAO holders.


Hey mates :slightly_smiling_face:,

We are returning after a few days of vacation here at Continent DAO, we made a reassessment of this moment of the market and news like the BIP-14 and future BitNetwork, so the Continent DAO team and I decided to make some changes to better fit with these factors.

New Days

When we created the proposal and published the Continent DAO proposal, BitDAO was taking its first steps to develop partnerships, with investments above 9 digits and a total bull moment in the crypto market, today we understand that the market is going through another moment, in addition to receiving new insights pointed out in governance and community feedback.

The new settings are:

We decided to change the total amount to be invested by BitDAO by $22M USD, splitting into two subsequent tranches of $11M USD; The first tranche will comprise the following assets: 50% BIT | 50% ETH | The same configuration can be followed in subsequent tranches or as defined by BitDAO. BitDAO will continue with the same benefits and as our main investor.

Public commitment:

We understand that the huge traffic of users and new members will be directed to BitDAO through our programs, in order to help support this demand, Continent DAO is also committed to helping in the following topics: 1) Creation, Development and Maintenance of channels with Portuguese and Spanish language. 2) Collaborate and cooperate with official BitDAO channels in the translation, dissemination and creation of content. 3) Actively participate in governance and direct cooperation with the BitDAO and BitNetwork ecosystem.

Collaborate directly with BitNetwork and BitDAO.


Hey, thank you. We are focusing on receiving feedback on the proposal and looking for improvements. But we intend to propose it in a vote soon, we hope that some delegate or moderator can propose it, but if it doesn’t happen, we will do it on our own.