[PASSED] BIP-13 BitDAO x AfricaDAO: Accelerating Web3 Adoption Across The Fastest Growing Continent


My sources are the International Telecommunications Union, World Economic Forum and International Finance Corporation.

Perhaps you have answered your third question in the continuation of your own text. I’m not making assumptions, just quoting the facts. I have lived in Brazil for 30 years, it is a country with continental proportions, my experience is limited and I dare not say that I know it better than data and statistics – The same with Africa which is literally a continent.

Acceleration and mass adoption projects that do not deeply observe local and infrastructure aspects are discontinued and can be fatal to the growth of the scenario. That’s why I asked these questions.

[1] • Africa: total population forecast 2020-2050 | Statista
[2] Bringing Africa Up to High Speed.
[3] Africa's population growth will triple by 2050 | World Economic Forum
[4] Brasil tem mais smartphones que habitantes, aponta FGV | CNN Brasil


Yes, we already agree that Africa has huge potential, but it is also one of the most difficult geolocations at the deployment level because of infrastructure problems, which currently are hardware and internet connection.

These problems are not new and will not solve themselves, so it is up to us, with our large-scale adoption projects, to seek to solve them or at least minimize them; if we don’t want to depend on the performance of others.

The data you presented are good indications, but what is your plan for using this information? For example… did you plan to develop networking with this smartphone industry for integrations or sales incentives in your territory?

These answers are important for us to understand your project and vision, this can even enable collaborations of mutual interest such as Continent DAO in the area of ​​infrastructure or project “X” that has a DeFi product and wants to integrate into your dapps, other projects and etc. This is our proposal with BitDAO (doc), we recently made an update on initial conversations with international organizations (United Nations + ITU) that can also collaborate on our projects in African territory – they have great expertise and are already connecting the internet to hundreds of schools in Africa.

Anyway, it would be interesting to have more information about your plans. :slightly_smiling_face: