[ARCHIVED] 3swapdex x BitDAO

I am Mona, COO at 3swapdex. 3swapdex is a multichain/crosschain decentralized exchange that enables user swap two tokens for one. For instance Bnb and Busd for Bit token. We are looking at building a bridge also that aid the cross chain transfer of assets. BitDao as a community will be our early and first investor, with the benefit of getting an NFT when a pool is created. We have been able to gain partnership with 5irechain and currently in talk with Metis, Cronos, Telos and Reef. We are a starting team of 10 core members(with 10 more extended members). With fund raising we will be able to explore more hands and get more work done.

3swap is currently on testnet which we have been able to use in showing our prospect partners how our protocol works.
here is a link to our website : https://3swap.io/
Our briefLink : https://brieflink.com/v/yt3z5.

we are looking at raising $300k to get us to mainnet