[ARCHIVED] Grindery DAO - Zapier for Web3

Hey everyone! This a reactivation of a post that was archived.

Since our initial post in July lot of things have happened:

  • we completed the Binance Labs S4 program with the demo day in July 2022

  • we successfully raised funds from several investors including Dharmesh Shah and ANKR.

  • we secured additional grants including from Cronos

  • we delivered on our grant milestones Algorand, Flow, Harmony and Near

  • we launch a demo/prototype product called Ping

  • implemented a highly customized, decentralized payout process in DAO1

What next?

  • core product Nexus is going into Public Beta in October.

  • starting implementation of workflows with other partners/DAOs

  • writing next version of Whitepaper including distributed, cross-chain payments

  • working on next funding round

What are we looking for?

  • picking up structured conversations with DAOs (like BitDAO) to implement integration

  • strategic investors for next funding round

  • someone with expertise in tokenomics (modeling/simulation) to join team part time.

We will be posting updates over the coming weeks as things develop. Expect to hear from us:)

Please reach out directly or reply here in the forum.


Links from the above post (that I was not able to add)

  • Ping - Browser notification on wallet/contract deposits
  • DAO1 - Decentralized payments at Grindery DAO

And here - as a reference - the community call we attended.
Link to Tweet.

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