[ARCHIVED] Participation in metaCOLLECTIVE DAO

Hello everybody, this is @crypto_notte writing, I am a farmer and trader from the metaverse.

We are currently building metaCOLLECTIVE - an investment DAO - and we would like to bring it to the attention of the bitDAO community with the idea of being backed by bitDAO. This could be done in the form of a token swap. We would like to discuss with the community and in the future open a proposal.

We see this as an interesting deal for bitDAO as it fulfills multiple objectives of bitDAO, in particular:


  • we envision a multi-chain future and we are deploying capital in the Solana ecosystem, this will be a great opportunity for bitDAO to showcase the potential of blockchain bridges and back an ecosystem DAO on a different chain.


  • we believe DAOs are the structure of the future so we want to make available to everybody the tools we used to build the DAO and facilitate the process for other users.

For the people

  • we looked at several DAOs and found problems with active participation and ticket. We are solving this by using a dual token structure to clearly split assets and governance and by operating at a smaller scale, this effectively allows more users to participate.


  • we are stretching the concept of investment management by using the wisdom of the members and our participation in other DAO to carry out decisions. Members of the metaCOLLECTIVE will have visibility to bitDAO too.


  • metaCOLLECTIVE can be considered a sub-DAO focused on yield-farming and DeFi on the Solana-ecosystem. We foresee that it can be used to nurture and identify talents that can later take on full-time roles in our DAO or with affiliated projects. We will also publish research and education content about all the protocols/projects we engage with.

With this thread we would like to start a discussion about a future proposal and gather feedback from members, in particular we are currently raising a 5M round and would like to submit a proposal for bitDAO to invest 2M USDC in metaCOLLECTIVE DAO.

Some links with more info about our project and vision:

:computer: Website
:green_book: Gitbook

Happy to answer any question.



Are this Degen farming project?

Quite the contrary, given that we want to become the go-to DAO for investing at scale in the Solana ecosystem there will close to none exposure to degen farming with 7 digits APY.

You can expect a broad exposure to the followings:

  • protocols (DeFi and others)
  • gaming and Metaverse tokens
  • NFT and other illiquids
  • SAFT of new companies
  • yield farming (one and two assets)
  • liquid staking

Thanks for clarify my question. Thank you.

Hello, I’m following up with great news!


First of all we announced the completion of our $5m initial raise from a multitude of investors, we have founders and angels from very successful crypto-companies, well-known VC funds, NFT flippers and professionals from large traditional finance institutions. This raise is an important step for us as it validates our idea and for that we are thankful to our backers.


In January we also generated the two tokens of the metaCOLLECTIVE: the Treasury token (cMETA) and the Governance Token (vMETA). Both tokens are visible on any Solana chain explorer, and you can — in any moment — see the number of Active Holders and what they are doing (transactions and amount).

The addresses of the two tokens are
vMETA — vMETAjYD7KjC69E7zFCuw1g4PLfa6pcyztww9nSrgsQ
cMETA — cMETAGX549J6Z5wLWDVHKxEmBibh8YkWvFftCRyaw2a

The Treasury is public too and you can track in real time the exact value of every single position, whether it’s a weekend or 3am in the night. The Treasury address is below and we are looking to build an internal page to track both liquid and illiquid investments (those in venture or those that are not priced by chain explorer because too new, we are working on a work-around solution).

Treasury Wallet - dMVmNkdaqAzBDYyfBXfkqBYj8TK56mXguYbJGumdaA8


We also had the first investment proposals coming, they involve:

-lending USDC on multiple protocols
-yield farming stables (USDC against UST, USDT, CASH)
-getting beta exposure by acquiring $1M USDC SOL
-backing two innovative companies in its seed round

We have already deployed the capital among 10+ positions and 10+ protocols and we are looking at more. The current split can be seen in the pie-chart.

As of today the DAO has still 95% of its Treasury in low-risk yield-generating stables, by the next month we see this percentage shifting to at least 80% as the Treasury starts implementing more Investment Proposals from the governance.

We are looking forward to February to expand the network of the DAO, welcome new users once the token start trading and to make everything even more transparent. We are also looking forward to first proposals by the community and to start producing token research. We are also looking forward to accumulate more SBR to participate in the #SaberWars.

We are also looking forward to create a partnership with BitDAO, as we still believe it makes a lot of sense for both in terms of cross-DAO pollination.