[ARCHIVED] ThreeOh DAO: Advocating for Web3 at Home and Abroad

> Proposal Title: Advocating for Web3 at Home and Abroad: A ThreeOh DAO x BitDAO Partnership Opportunity

Authors: Randy R.- ThreeOh DAO Founder, Dustin D.- ThreeOh DAO Founder

Date: 8/17/22

An Overview of ThreeOh DAO

Support the Future of Web3 by Helping ThreeOh Educate and Influence Policy & Lawmakers around the World.

For the first time in modern history, there is a real opportunity for communities to organize and influence the regulatory framework of a new financial sector. ThreeOh DAO has seized this moment in history to create the first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that is mission driven to shape regulatory policy in the United States and beyond on behalf of grassroots Web3 and DeFi users.

ThreeOh DAO is focused on impacting the 2022 Midterm elections, but long-term roadmap touchpoints are centered on 2024 and beyond. ThreeOh DAO is the voice of the Web3 Community, gifting our community and Web3 the opportunity to impact the framework that will ultimately define the parameters for access and exclusion within the new global financial system.

This is an opportunity for BitDAO and its investors to be the change they want to see in the world.

Company summary: ThreeOh DAO is the first organization designed to actively engage policymakers through lobbying and education on behalf of the Web3 community. Through 501(c)(4) relationships with two lobby and policy teams (Fintech and Strategic Communications), affiliated non-profit 501(c)(3), and a Super PAC, ThreeOh DAO has built the necessary infrastructure tasked with the challenge of regulatory policymaking on behalf of the global Web3 community.

As referenced in a recent Politico article, 3OH is the only DAO in the United States that has a registered Super PAC.

Mission statement: 3OH DAO strives to become the trusted voice of Web3 to government officials in DC and around the globe.

Together, we’ll educate policymakers on the transformative benefits of blockchain technology and work to champion policies to advance the Web 3 community.

Partnerships/Associations: ThreeOh DAO is a respected partner and leader in Advocacy DAOs and serves on the board of a newly formed US DAO Coalition. Along with ThreeOh DAO, partner organizations like The Blockchain Association, COALA, CityDAO, Lobby3 (with Andrew Yang), Bankless DAO, and Polygon DAO serve on this coalition.

ThreeOh DAO is also leading the formation of International DAO, an international coalition of DAOs based in the crypto capital of the world, Dubai.

Market: Our target audience is made up of savvy investors that are passionate about the sustainability and long-term success DeFi and Web3, and the development of Web3 friendly regulatory policy that fosters and enables growth and adoption.

ThreeOh DAO serves every organization, token, and ecosystem in Web3. A partnership would also extend opportunities to other DAO’s within the BitDAO ecosystem through added visibility and impactful advocacy.

The Opportunity for BITDAO

ThreeOh DAO believes this is a unique and timely opportunity that can foster exponential growth for both organizations through a mutually beneficial partnership.

ThreeOh DAO gains a brand partner and an investment minded community that can open doors to more sophisticated investors, enhanced visibility and credibility, and foster sustainable community growth and engagement with a trusted Web3 community.

BitDAO becomes a fundamental partner in the growth of the International DAO Coalition, ThreeOh DAO’s mission to support Web3 user friendly regulations and politicians, and the launch of DeFi Education, the affiliate 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to educate politicians and the greater community on the benefits of DeFi and Web3 technologies. BitDAO’s treasury-based organization combined with ThreeOh DAO’s political and advocacy infrastructure creates an unprecedented opportunity for both organizations to create actual positive change on behalf of Web3 users. BitDAO’s community also receives unparalleled access, exclusive opportunities to with meet with political insiders and thought leaders, be a leading voice within the DAO space, and be at the forefront of global regulatory framework initiatives.

The BitDAO Community will have an opportunity to be a leading international voice in Web3 through its partnership with ThreeOh DAO and the International DAO Coalition. Access to hundreds of DAO’s and DAO communities, regional and global policy experts, and the opportunity to be seen as a leading voice advocating on behalf of DAO’s and Web3 organizations internationally will compensate BitDAO for a sustained partnership with ThreeOh DAO.

Finally, BitDAO will have a representative voice on the 501(c)(3), DeFi Education, board. DeFi Education is a nonprofit education organization whose purpose is two pronged. First is to educate politicians on the benefits of Web3 and blockchain technology. As many would guess, the current group of politicians around the world have a low understanding of the Web3 space. They make assumptions based on news stories about bad actors or market crashes without understanding the opportunity this technology provides. DeFi has become an alternative financial market built and funded by users. By educating politicians on the benefits of the technology, and the growth of Web3 businesses and users, we believe we can shift the narrative portrayed in the media to one that highlights the positives and benefits of the space, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by Web3 organizations. This is the message DeFi Education intends to bring to politicians across the world.

The second portion of DeFi Education’s mission is to onboard new users and to create a trusted educational source. As mass adoption nears, many potential users are skeptical about Web3. Many focus on the horror stories they’ve heard, but, much like the adoption of the Internet, many will start to become curious and start looking for information to educate themselves on digital assets. DeFi Education has the team and resources to meet this need and to provide high quality educational materials that will be viewed by veterans and novices, alike.

Advocacy DAO’s are projected to be the next major wave in cryptocurrency. BitDAO linking with one of the premier up and coming Advocacy DAOs in Web3 will provide measurable economic and reputational benefits for both. Together both organizations will become trusted leaders in the greater DAO Community, creating greater opportunities for both organizations to increase engagement, impressions, and penetration into new demographics and international markets. The funding mechanism that BitDAO has built combined with the infrastructure ThreeOh DAO has in place creates a Web3 altering partnership opportunity. We believe this is a rare opportunity for both organizations to advance their DAO into the “blue chip” realm, and through a combined partnership the opportunity to influence and have a tangible impact on the space is immeasurable. Together we can redefine the entire Web3 regulatory process to match the voice of experienced users and advocates.

Partnership Proposal

ThreeOh DAO is the first and only organization actively engaging policymakers on behalf of Web3 users. ThreeOh DAO is the first DAO in history to have its own Super PAC (confirmed by Politico). It’s umbrella also includes partnerships with a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) and two political lobby’s in DC. Given ThreeOh DAO’s connection to policy experts and policymakers, as well as their formation of International DAO, an international DAO Coalition, the opportunity to partner in shaping the space is a win/win for both organizations.

Our Proposal: ThreeOh DAO is prepared to offer the following in a partnership with the BitDAO community. Together we believe we can create a space altering opportunity for both organizations.

ThreeOh DAO will deliver the following:

  • 10 billion 3OH tokens from ThreeOh DAO to the BitDAO treasury.

  • Early access to major initiatives and bills presented by lawmakers. ThreeOh DAO received the Lummis/Gillibrand Bill over 24 hours before news broke of it “being leaked”.

  • Policy expert analysis: The lobbyists we work with provide ThreeOh DAO with a full breakdown of all Web3 and Digital Asset based committee meetings, regulatory stances, and policies within a 4 – 6 hours of their conclusion.

  • Policy and Lawmaker Access: the BitDAO Community will have direct access to all policy experts and thought leaders.

  • A Project Level DAO Pass (25 eth value) that benefits all BitDAO Members.

  • Pass provides BitDAO users with access to private AMA’s with policymakers and policy experts, to ThreeOh DAO closed door events, governance voting, and exclusives with our policy team.

  • BitDAO members will be asked to verify that they are a BitDAO community member and will be given special access and server titles that designate they are a BitDAO community member in our community Discord.

  • BitDAO Branding will be added to the ThreeOh DAO website, and political marketing materials.

  • Access to the International DAO Coalition as a founding Board member.

BitDAO will receive a paid project board seat on the International Coalition Board.

ThreeOh DAO is leading both the policy team and strategic communications and will serve on the board for both the International DAO coalition and the US based DAO Coalition.

  • BitDAO will also be a leading voice on the ThreeOh DAO Advocate Board.
    The ThreeOh DAO Advocate board is made up of up to 100 members of the ThreeOh DAO community that narrow and select AIP proposals for ThreeOh DAO. You will have access to our Prioritization Council and the opportunity to receive a Council seat based on community member voting.

  • If BitDAO chooses to send a representative candidate forward to be voted on for the Prioritization Council the BitDAO token count and Project DAO Pass will meet the necessary requirement. Have them clarify they are representing BitDAO, not as an individual.
    The Prioritization Council is our 9-person board that effectively enacts the will of the DAO. They discuss AIP’s and narrow the focus further for Political Donation funding. They then ensure that the proposals are transparently executed.

BitDAO will deliver the following:

  • $7,000,000 in grant funding supporting ThreeOh DAO initiatives and the formation of International DAO Coalition and a project paid board seat, and a board seat on the 501(c)(3), DeFi Education, decision board.

The grant will be distributed in the following:

$3,000,000 will be allocated for the International DAO Coalition. This will fund:

  • International Marketing

  • Strategic partnerships with other large DAO organizations

  • International Fund Raising start up

  • The establishment of an international advocacy fund.

$2,000,000 to ThreeOh DAO. This will fund:

  • Political Marketing in Washington, DC

  • Strategic Partnerships with advocacy and Web3 minded organizations

  • Media blitz materials

  • Establish a US based political advocacy fund

$2,000,000 to our affiliated 501(c)(3), DeFi Education organization. This will fund:

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Educational materials across multiple mediums designed for new users and politicians, alike.

  • The DeFi Education Fund
    This is a fund set up to help new users learn about blockchain technologies, and the opportunities digital assets, DAO’s, and the Metaverse provide for all communities and distributed in multiple languages.

  • Publicly acknowledge the partnership with ThreeOh DAO on socials

  • Support efforts to enlist additional influencers and brand ambassadors in different regions around the world.

Our Government Relations/Policy Support Team in DC

ThreeOh DAO has established business relationships with two lobby’s located in Washington, DC. One organization focuses on our strategic communications with policymakers and the business world, and the second is a Fintech lobby that has decades of experience on Capitol Hill and has established relationships across House and Senate policymakers and their staffs.

Runway Strategies: ThreeOh DAO’s In House Government Relations is led by Runway Strategies. Runway Strategies was chosen because Spencer Hawes and Dave Barmore were part of the start-up and early policy team at Uber. Their strengths lie in educating lawmakers and local constituencies on new technologies and developing strategic messaging that garners significant attention from political allies.

FS Vector: FS Vector started as an advisory and consultancy, adding their lobby division in 2019. FS Vector is comprised of subject matter expert FinTech professionals that were formerly Financial Services Roundtable and Digital Chamber of Commerce in DC. They were chosen because their verticals add value in ways that the “traditional” lobby firms cannot with the DeFi Education and PAC side of the DAO roadmap.

Web 3.0 Super PAC: ThreeOh DAO is uniquely positioned as the only DAO to PAC organization in DC. The team has been carefully selected, and now ThreeOh DAO is preparing for its formal public, policy, and lawmaker engagement. ThreeOh DAO is positioned to impact the general election in November, but medium-term roadmap is 2023 and beyond.

Legal: Covington Law in DC and Strahan Law in Houston are on retainers.

The ThreeOh DAO Team:

Dustin Dill: Founder/Project Managing Consultant/DeFi Education Content Creator

Twitter/Discord: turnkeyapps

Dr. Randy Romich: Founder/Treasury Management Officer/DAO Consultant/DeFi Education Content Creator

Twitter: TrstmeImaDr

Discord: TheDocIsIn

Trey Jackson: Team Member/CTO/Front End Developer

Twitter: JacksonTrey

Discord: thethirddev

Travis Taylor: Team Member/Community Development Coordinator

Twitter/Discord: TravisTaylorATX

Policy Team:

Dave Barmore: Strategic Communications/Policy Lead

Dave has over a decade of policy experience from the local to the federal level. He was one of Uber’s first public policy hires. He has overseen lobbying initiatives across dozens of states and aided Uber in scaling their public policy efforts nationally. Dave has led multiple policy initiatives that were passed across multiple states while working for uber. He specialized in grassroots engagement campaigns and strategic communications. Dave is also the Co-Founder of Runway Strategies, a strategic communications lobby in Washington, DC.

Andy Barbour: Financial Technology Policy Expert/Advocacy Expert

Andy is a partner at FS Vector where he serves as part of their FinTech Lobbying team. He has served in multiple roles over the past 2 decades dedicated to the development of financial technology policy. Previous to FS Vector, Andy served as the Senior Vice President of the Smith-Free Group, a bipartisan government relations firm, where he foces on financial services issues. He has also served on the Bank Policy Institute and is credited with playing a significant role in the passage of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, and the America Invents Act. Andy has also had the honor to serve on the staff of two United States Congressmen, and served ad the Deputy Assistant USTR for Congressional Affairs.

Divij Pandya- Distributed Ledger/Digital Asset Expert

Divij serves as ThreeOh DAO’s Advocacy Policy expert. Divij has a deep understanding of digital assets and blockchain technologies. Previously to working at FS Vector, Divij served as the Associate Director of Policy at the Chamber of Digital Commerce. He has a wealth of experience working with financial sector policy, and is establishing himself as a leading expert on policy involving digital assets.



CrowdCreate serves as ThreeOh DAO’s Web3 based marketing team. They are one of the leading marketing firms for Web3 entities and have won many accolades. They currently serve as our CMO and are helping us align our upcoming marketing campaign.

Jennifer Mullen:

Jennifer serves as our marketing director for traditional and political marketing. Jennifer has decades of experience as a PR and marketing specialist and was a leader on the marketing team for Uber. She works closely with our strategic communications lobby, Runway Strategies, to ensure that ThreeOh DAO, and our affiliated entities, maintain a consistent advocacy message across all mediums.

Short, Medium, and Long-Term Quantifiable Goals:

The three organizations included on this grant have multiple milestones upcoming in the near and medium term. Our goal is to provide the BitDAO community with a representation of the timing we expect it to take these items to be achieved, so that they can see their investment will be utilized efficiently and effectively to achieve the goals outlined above.

ThreeOh DAO Timeline/Milestones:

Short Term

  • Community Engagement Begins- September 2022
  • Narrowing of Political Donation Candidates- September 2022
  • Prioritization Council is established- September 15th
  • Campaign Donations Begin- October 1st
  • Web3 Policy Campaign Begins – November 10th (After midterm elections in the US)
  • Policymaker engagement with DeFi Education- November

Medium Term (Q1-Q2 of 2023)

  • Establish the Blockchain voting advisory team (DAO Voted)
  • Donations to Advocacy Campaigns (Local, State, and Federal)
  • Establish biweekly DeFi Debrief’s between DAO members, policymakers, and policy experts.

Long Term (2024 and beyond)

  • Establish partnerships with others interested in funding and piloting certified blockchain voting in upcoming elections.
    • BitDAO would have the first opportunity to partner with us in this endeavor.
  • Create a stable of web3 advocates across the state and federal levels through campaign, policy, and advocacy support.
  • Establish an international wing that coordinates with local and regional “branches” across the world to focus funding and attention to combat innovation stifling overregulation.

International DAO Coalition Timeline/Milestones:

Short Term

  • Entity Formation in Dubai – September 15th
  • Board Formation – September 15th
    • The board becomes active upon the establishment of the entity in Dubai
  • International Marketing Begins – October 1st
    • There will be a 15-day period where the board will outline governance policy, membership policies (dues, engagement, etc.), advocacy policy, marketing strategy, and funding allocations for initiatives. These will be ratified during the first official International DAO Coalition AIP vote. Once this has occurred, we will move forward with international marketing to establish partnerships with other large or influential DAO communities throughout the world.
    • This includes public marketing in major digital markets and engagement with national advocacy groups across the world.
  • Official Launch of the International DAO Coalition- October 15th
    • During this time the first group of international DAOs will be established as part of the International DAO Coalition.
    • The policy ratification discussion then vote will launch this day.
  • First Official Meeting of the International DAO Coalition- November 1st
    • Meetings will occur monthly, or in emergency policy meetings (all members are given a minimum of 48 hours to prepare).

Medium Term

  • International DAO Coalition will begin an advocacy campaign based around policy found in the Lummis/Gillibrand Bill in the United States that the Coalition supports.
  • Will establish policy partnerships across multiple countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America.
  • Legally support Web3 Advocates and fund campaigns and initiatives the DAO approves.

DeFi Education (501(c)(3)) Timeline/Milestones:

Short term:

Sept 1st-October 31st:

  • Outreach to politicians and political staff to begin the process of establishing close relationships.
  • Development of a Web2 website to begin onboarding new web3 users
  • Create educational content designed for politicians and non-users alike.

November 1-December 31st:

  • Policy Education marketing will start in Washington, DC.
  • Policymaker engagement will commence
  • Release of the Web2 website and the educational content will be publicly released.

Next Steps After Approval

Upon approval from the BitDAO community, the following is the timeline of the following steps:

  • A representative from ThreeOh DAO (Doc- Dr. Randy R) will be in contact with a member of BitDAO to coordinate the token and NFT transfer to the BitDAO treasury.
    • If BitDAO chooses to stake their tokens, he will assist with the staking process.
    • If BitDAO has a representative that would be interested in the Prioritization Council, this person will be added to the list of candidates for community voting.
  • Within 2 weeks of approval, the process to establish the International DAO board will begin and ThreeOh DAO will approach the BitDAO community for a community selected representative to serve on the board.
  • The BitDAO community will be approached by October 1st to fill the board seat for DeFi Education.
  • Our expectation is that this will be an ongoing relationship where community members can actively participate in our political AMA’s, track campaign funding opportunities, and take an active role in advocating for the greater Web3 community.

Transparency Statement:

Given the relationship sought with BitDAO, the ThreeOh DAO team is willing to provide BitDAO with complete transparency in regard to grant allocation spending. Each transaction will be tracked from DeFi wallet to CeFi payment and logged in our accounting system. If, for any reason, members of BitDAO would like to see how the funds are being utilized we will provide them with a funding breakdown within 5 business days of the formal request. One of the greatest tenants of DeFi is that it can be audited 24/7/365 and is immutable. All transactions are available to the public! In the spirit of this, we will take a step further and maintain meticulous records once grant funding leaves the blockchain. Since BitDAO would be an integral partner in the success of Web3 Advocacy across the US and internationally through its board seat in the International DAO Coalition, we believe transparency between our projects is essential.


As part of the team but also a web3 dev, I cant stress how important this work is for the entire community and world. We are already seeing issues in certain countries limiting access or ability to Web3 and stalling innovation. We welcome all support. Please ask any questions you have.


Doesn’t BitDAO already have Windranger Labs to take care of this?



This is a great question. We have looked through Windranger and we actually believe we would enhance the work they’re doing. We would only enhance their work within EduDAO. DeFi Education is designed to engage a completely different set of stakeholders with our focus mainly being on policymakers (politicians) and political entities. Mass adoption and fostering the next wave of web3 innovators is essential, but the regulations for the space will be decided by politicians. Currently, very few politicians have any background with digital assets, and most want to regulate it the same as they would other markets. Being users of the space, we understand that thinking is faulty and could stifle innovation within the Web3 space. That’s why DeFi Education’s mission is focused around educating policymakers, advocacy entities, and regulatory bodies first, while also providing high quality materials for the general public.

The DeFi Education grant funding was only a portion of the proposal. Along with educating policymakers, the true value lies in the partnership with the International DAO Coalition and with ThreeOh DAO. These partnerships provide the BitDAO community with 2 politically active entities that can shape policy and influence across the world. We believe this builds value for your community and enhances the projects within the BitDAO ecosystem. A partnership between our organizations will strengthen the opportunities for BitDAOs ecosystem of partners, and help protect web3 users during the upcoming regulatory processes taking shape across the US and Europe. Essentially, this is an opportunity to partner/build the political advocacy wing of the BitDAO ecosystem to protect it’s interests and spread it’s influence across the world.


in addition to the BitDAO Treasury. how BitDAO community members can benefit

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That’s a good question that I’m sure others are interested in! I’ll break it down below:

ThreeOh DAO benefits for BitDAO community:

  • A member of BitDAO can be selected to sit on our prioritization council.

    • Our leadership board made up of 9 members that executes proposals, sets us policy/policymaker AMAs, is the first to receive new legislation and breakdowns, narrows political funding for candidates and initiatives, and formally narrows proposals for voting
  • Your DAO has one of our Advocacy Council positions

    • This is our community board made up of 100 members. This group narrows proposals from community members, donation funding for politicians and initiatives ThreeOh DAO will be championing, and only these members can submit proposals directly to the Prioritization Council.
  • ALL BitDAO members will receive a special ranking in our discord that provides you with access to our private Q&As sessions with policymakers and experts, and presale access to event tickets.

  • BitDAO will be listed a primary partner on our website and political materials

International DAO Coalition benefits

  • BitDAO would receive a project paid board position on the International DAO Coalition.

  • This will create the opportunity to coordinate and lead with major Web3 advocacy organizations throughout the world.

    • This sets up the BitDAO community with a leadership role in an international advocacy coalition. Which will put BitDAO at the forefront of many international initiatives and partnership discussions throughout the world.
    • It helps build the BitDAO ecosystem with new, innovative projects and community members.
    • This will put BitDAO in a prime position to be seen as an international powerhouse, and increase its visibility throughout the world.
    • This will also provide all board DAO’s with opportunities for community expansion throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and North America.
  • This puts BitDAO in front of major DAO communities across the world.

  • Increased visibility as a leadership organization on the worldwide web3 advocacy stage.

  • The opportunity to work with policymakers throughout the world

DeFi Education Benefits:

  • Board seat on our board that sets standards and approves materials for educating politicians on Web3 and Blockchain technology.

  • Opportunities to directly engage with policymakers throughout the United States helping shape their understanding of the Web3 space.

  • BitDAO will be listed on marketing materials, and included as a title sponsor for our initiatives.

    • Increasing awareness of BitDAO and the philanthropic nature of its DAO.
    • Increase BitDAO’s reputation as a leader in Web3/DAO education.

*This could also branch into coordinated partnership with EduDAO, allowing for a comprehensive set of education materials that can reach all levels of society.

Essentially this partnership creates a political wing of the BitDAO ecosystem with direct access to policymakers, staffers, lobbyists, and policy experts to help create progressive initiatives that benefit DAO’s, DAO/Web3 users, and the DAO space throughout the US and abroad. The BitDAO community will help advance regulatory discussions at the highest level of government. BitDAO would have increased visibility within the web3 community and with regulatory and governmental entities, establishing itself as a leader in the web3 space. We see this as an opportunity for our organizations to create real, positive change throughout Web3, while establishing both organizations as international leaders on policy, education, and regulatory adoption.

We are in a historical point in time where we have the knowledge, infrastructure, and ability to shape the regulatory policy of a new financial market. Opportunities like this don’t come along often, and we hope that our organizations can create a partnership that will shape this opportunity to benefit the future of the web3 ecosystem.


Hey everyone, we wanted to follow up after providing time for more community members to see our proposal before commenting again. The positive support we have received is very encouraging! We have been following along with your discord and reading the other proposals. We noted the topic of a token burn mechanism being favorable to the BitDAO community, so I spoke with the other members of the founding team for ThreeOh DAO and we would like to “donate” 8b 3OH tokens on top of the 10b in the proposal to the BitDAO community to use specifically for a BitDAO burn in the future. To maximize this for BitDAO, we will move the tokens to a specific wallet and stake the 8b in our 6 month staking pool. After 6 months, we will reach out with a proposal to allow the BitDAO community to choose whether to restake it, remove a portion or all of it and buy Bit off the open market to be sent to the burn wallet. All transactions will be recorded and tracked, and these tokens will be used solely for burns of Bit.

We believe the essence of this partnership is to create an opportunity that is beneficial to both communities to spread the word of the benefits of web3 across the world. By providing this burn option we believe it creates an incentive for the BitDAO community to directly support our mission while directly benefiting their own investment in Bit.

For example: if 3OH were to capture a 50m MC (based on our circulating supply) the Bit burn would be worth roughly $400,000 of the bit supply. If those numbers are higher, which we expect, then the burn will be greater.

We believe this is an excellent opportunity for our communities to partner to fully create the political advocacy wing of the BitDAO ecosystem and the greater Web3 space. This creates a direct benefit for the BitDAO community and ecosystem through public and political exposure.

In exchange for this for the donation, once we collectively believe the proposal has a chance of passing, we ask that the a BitDAO community member or members allocate the 200,000 necessary to bring our proposal to a BitDAO vote on snapshot. This shows the BitDAO communities’ support for our mission and building the first international Web3 advocacy organization the world has ever seen.


We would like to get a sense of the community support for this grant/partnership proposal from the BitDAO community.

If you believe this proposal needs more work, please reach out with any questions!

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Would you like to see this proposal go to vote?
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