[ARCHIVED] BitDAO token loan to rise long term treasury and token price

Hi all,

BitDAO has successfully created ZK DAO. There is a strong emphasis in the community for infrastrutures projects.

BitDAO has a treasury that could be invested in other projects. BitDAO currently has 235M USDC, 75M USDT, 428M$ ETH and 1,8Bn$ of BITdao tokens. The spending of 100M$ to buyback the token was good but a next step should be to have extra tokens into the DAO.

Some project need investment and loans due to extrem bad events like Nomad bridge exploit who have impacted many partners and whole ecosystem in Moonbeam, EVMOS (cosmos), Cardano, Gnosis, Avalanche. Trust will not come back in theses chains until a solution is found.

A deep liquity gap is still missing, about 150M$, but some write-off are possible to make it down substentially. Nomad raised 22,4M$ at 225M$ valuation last year. If Nomad had a token now without this event , with 200M$ ex TVL, the Mcap FDV could be anywhere between 250M$ - 1.5bn$ now.

Then, my proposition for a win win for BitDAO, Nomad and all the chains above : BitDAO would lead a loan and a BitDAO token swap (with several vesting unlock) for future Nomad token allocation.

BitDAO could benefit for a large discounted valuation of Nomad and have some priority development into Nomad roadmap;

  • BitDAO would be multichain with the Gnosis SAFE vote module for exemple.

I expect BitDAO token to surge in a such initiative. more info on Nomad here : https://www.nomad.xyz/
Blog : Nomad – Medium

Even if the investment / loan is little, it would be a great signal for the community. For the people most influent of BitDAO , please reach recovery@nomad.xyz or their discord (in the website footer).

Thanks all.


Отлично! мне нравится.

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Can you garantee that Nomad will not be hacked again?

I know you know the answer, but better to have this happen now. Security measures will be rose at top

Good offer. And the fact that they bought the tokens is smart!

extrem bad events like Nomad bridge exploit who have impacted many partners and whole

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