[ARCHIVED] Parousia - Immersive audio for psychedelic integration

Proposal Title: Parousia - Immersive audio for psychedelic integration

Authors: Damian Madray

Date: Aug 1, 2022

How will your proposal, if activated, benefit BitDAO? Entire BitDAO members can freely access our mobile app for audio, immersive journeys for their psychedelic experiences and integration.

What are the projected outcomes? Increased access to integration for psychedelic experiences, thus increasing the chances of breakthrough from learnings from psychedelics. Improved mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of members.

How long will it take to complete your proposed changes? 30-days until we launch our app.

Who is involved? 25+ artists, musicians, wellness practitioners, producers, storytellers, and experiential designers.

What are the milestones?
*Market research and analysis completed

  • Acquisition tests - we’ve proven we can reach the market
    *We’ve built an MVP and learned we need to improve our UX
    *We’ve completed our Mobile app design
    *Reach first 1000 subscribers

1. Timeline:
*Aug 30th - completed mobile app
*Sept 30th - launch in San Francisco
*Dec 30th - reach the first 1,000 subscribers

  1. Budget: $150K
  1. Add technical details and/or links to source documentation:
    Investor Deck
  1. Include any other relevant details on how this proposal will be accomplished: Investment in this proposal will allow us to continue refining our integration framework designed into the mobile app. This will also allow us to continue refining our audio development framework for integration and journey content for psychedelics.

Next Steps? If this proposal is accepted, what are the immediate action items?

Review Process

The BIT Community and delegates might discuss and verify the following before considering proposals.


  • Is the team credible?
  • Are they qualified to do this work?


  • Does the proposal make sense technically?
  • Does this fit into, or compliment, other projects in the BitDAO ecosystem?

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