[ARCHIVED] Proof of Good DAO x BitDAO

Proposal Title: Proof of Good DAO x BitDAO - Onboard millions onto web3 by gamifying & rewarding Social Good.



Jeremy Dela Rosa
Yuan Wang
Devin Wicker
Chad Hansell
Kris Tucker
Mikhaila Stettler
Paul Freeman

Date: March 6, 2022

How will your proposal, if activated, benefit BitDAO?

See full breakdown of benefits on the detailed proposal.

  1. The BitDAO treasury will receive $5M USD worth of GOOD tokens via SAFT agreement.
  2. Build awareness and bring more quality and passionate members to BitDAO
  3. Proliferate BIT through the Prize Pool and Mystery Boxes.
  4. BitDAO will become a Proof of Good Oracle
  5. PoG Oracles will accept BIT as payment for their products/services, driving further adoption, utility, and usage of BitDAO.
  6. Accelerate adoption of Web3 & create massive leverage on real world impact
  7. The Proof of Good Protocol will partner with, support, and accelerate adoption and engagement with other BitDAO projects:
    Game7 DAO
    Education DAO

What are the projected outcomes?

  • Onboard 2 million new users onto Web3.
  • $100,000,000 USD donated to approved charities through the DAO Charity Treasury.
  • Proof of Good Protocol and Good Points will be adopted by 1,000 Web3 Projects and 100 traditional NGOs.
  • 250,000 in extreme poverty will earn a living wage through the PoG Protocol, and pass that same capacity on to others.

How long will it take to complete your proposed changes?

3 years, with quarterly milestones, deliverables, and targets.

Full details are broken down in the Go To Market Plan section of the proposal.

Who is involved?

Founded by Jeremy Dela Rosa, a 20 year veteran of the games and tech industry. He has pulled together a fully doxed core team of veterans from Blizzard Entertainment, who have managed platforms of over 60MM MAU and launched over 7 AAA games.

We are supported by an army of 70+ volunteers (and growing) from the gaming, crypto, nonprofit, and governmental sectors who are co-owners of the PoG DAO.

See our teams’ bios on the proposal as well as our website.

We have established over a dozen key partnerships across the web3, academic, NGO, Academic, and venture capital sectors. Among our partners are BOINC (UC Berkeley), Suffolk University, Angelprotocol.io, Opengrants.io, Unix Gaming, and more.

Our coalition includes investors and financial backers such as YBB.io, Ceras Ventures, XRM Media, Polygon Studios, and GroundX / Klaytn.

See our full list of committed Partners

What are the milestones?

Full GTM Strategy and roadmap is broken down into phases with goals, deliverables, strategy, and timing. See full details on the GTM section of the detailed proposal.

Phase 1 - Organic Growth, DAO Core Community, Education, Academic Credibility
Phase 2 - Proof of Good Protocol Launch and PoG Oracle ramp-up
Phase 3 - GOOD Token Launch
Phase 4 - Daily Auctions & Metaverse compatibility
Phase 5 - International Expansion
Phase 6 - Metaverse Game Integration
Phase 7 - Metaverse PoG World


  1. Timeline

Phase 1-4 are targeted for each quarter of 2022.
Phase 5: 2023
Phase 6: 2024
Phase 7: 2025

  1. Budget

The DAO Treasury will be owned and governed by DAO members. The DAO Core Team will prepare quarterly budgets to be reviewed and approved via governance proposals.

These are the high level allocations for the treasury.

  • 20% will go towards supporting the development team and operations of the DAO.
  • 20% of all funds will go to philanthropic causes (PoG Oracles) voted and approved by the DAO and who participate in the Proof of Good Protocol.
  • 30% will be leveraged for community rewards and Good Points incentives.
  • 10% will go towards ecosystem development and partnerships.
  • 10% will be allocated to PoG volunteers.
  • 10% will be reserved for treasury yields / liquidity.

Below is a detailed breakdown of dev team & operations budget:
|Team Operations Budget|100%|
|Dev Team & Live Operations|55%|
|Servers, Software Licenses|15%|
|Business Development & Legal|5%|

See full Treasury Management and Governance plans on the detailed proposal.

  1. Add technical details and/or links to source documentation

Full specifications of the protocol are documented on the Proof of Good Whitepaper.

Our codebase is hosted on GitHub and open-source.

  1. Include any other relevant details on how this proposal will be accomplished

We have a passionate DAO community already committing time to develop the platform and grow the community. Our focus is on scaling the organization and our reach by staffing full-time developers, designers, community managers, and NGO operations managers. This Core Team is essential to creating structure, strategy, and operational scalability; enabling exponential growth of the community and project contributors.

Our network of talent and trusted vendors spans the globe and across many verticals. Our mission and purpose attracts talent and we have zero issues recruiting. Our ability to scale is only limited by our access to initial capital.

Once we have recruited our DAO Core Team, our focus will be on constant delivery of product, operational excellence, and authentic community building. We believe that we can help accelerate network effects in web3 through our ecosystem partnerships by maximizing compatibility, composability, and utility of our token assets and economies.

The key to driving adoption usage of the Proof of Good Protocol will also be by building a complete high-quality vertical stack of engagement, namely the web3 game experience. Our previous experience in AAA game development will allow us to deliver on a model of an engaging and sustainable experience that other web3 projects can easily model after and adopt.

To create sustainability, we have designed the business model to have robust revenue sources, including: Membership NFT sales, Secondary sale royalties, In-Game item sales, Mystery Box sales, Governance participation fees, and sponsorships.

Next Steps? If this proposal is accepted, what are the immediate action items?

  1. Hire DAO Core Team Staff: Engineers, Designers, Community Managers, Marketing Managers.
  2. Deliver the PoG Protocol and accelerate onboarding of PoG Oracles.
  3. Onboard marketing agency to grow the community and DAO and maximize success of the GOOD token launch.
  4. Onboard game development studio to begin development of PoG World.

Review Process

The BIT Community and delegates might discuss and verify the following before considering proposals.


  • Is the team credible?
  • Are they qualified to do this work?


  • Does the proposal make sense technically?
  • Does this fit into, or compliment, other projects in the BitDAO ecosystem?

Temperature Check Poll

Would you like to see this proposal go to vote?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Needs work
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This project will never prove by $BitDAO community. Thanks.

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Why not? It looks like an ambitious and noble DAO which will compliment Bitdao portfolio.


Hello. What are the reasons why you don’t think it will be approved by the BitDAO community?


Hello @K.Sheng, thank you for your reply. Could you please provide some context as to why? I seek to understand so that we can better shape the solution. What are your concerns?


Why wouldn´t it?
With all due respect, @K.Sheng , I hope you stand corrected on this one :slight_smile:


Really hope this proves to be a success. Crypto and NFTs have, for too long, been labelled as scams for soulless and greedy tech bros. Here is a chance to do good and change lives, change perceptions and even make some money.


This proposal looks to be aligned with BitDAO that will bring about great benefits to millions worldwide. Rewarding people for charitable deeds and altruistic acts, is a game changer for humanity where everyone wins!


BitDAO would be an awesome Proof of Good Oracle! Let’s improve the World together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I also agree it looks to be aligned with BitDAO purpose. Hope it gets approved


Proposal is great and complete. It’s a great way of integrating web3 to doing social good to the world. This can also help propel the adoption of crypto in general. This kind of thing should be the way we are using dao’s and blockchain technology. Give this proposal a medal. I really hope this get’s approved.


Onboarding organizations onto the blockchain and making it possible for them to receive donations in digital currency is huge. Going that step further and building a protocol around making donations and volunteering mutually beneficial will provide sustainability to this system that doesn’t currently exist - many could earn income through volunteering now.

The potential future applications of this protocol for profitability and impact are impressive as well - for instance, people could earn on the protocol for buying from organizations that adhere to more sustainable/ ethical standards of production (kind of like ESG scores, and other scores that exists for this). If the protocol swayed consumer power, it would become highly desirable for organizations then to onboard.


Really like what these guys are doing! There aren’t many people these days pursuing altruism, especially in such a cool and fun way. Would love to see this get passed as it aligns very well with BitDAO’s ethos. Excited about their future :).


سلام عرض ادب لطفا راهنمایی کنید ممنون میشم برای کسب درآمد و فعالیت در شبکه‌های وبسایت های پیشنهادی تبلیغاتی ونشریات میتوانم همکاری کنم من سرپرست خانواده هستم به دلیل این ویروس کرونا یک سال بیکار شدم شرایط اقتصادی بحرانی دارم جویای کسب درآمد هستم :rose: