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Date: 1/10/2022


Food, Shelter and Housing are the three pillars of an average person’s life. In the context of Shelter, home ownership plays an important role in the lives of most families in modern day living. SYBC Token is a cryptocurrency token and platform whose goal is to make the process of home ownership more inclusive, by opening up a new way to facilitate real estate transactions to reach cryptocurrency holders outside of the traditional financial options.

Removing red tape from apartment rental and homeownership is very important to our generation and future generations. In today’s housing market renting a simple apartment is a very big hassle. You will need to provide credit checks,background checks,job verification,first and last month’s deposit. If you want to purchase a home, it’s even more documentation and other unnecessary items you will need to supply just to receive an approval or denial. Freedom is needed today web3 application & the blockchain will allow simpler solutions to this mass problem.

SYB Coins will be a two sided technology platform that focuses on the real estate marketplace & SYBC Rewards Wallet. This is the process at which most friction occurs in the industry today. The blockchain will simplify these real estate transactions without the need of financial institutions

SYBC tokens will demonstrates this process through its technology that matches buyers with our marketplace. In the network of having the option of selecting their homes and completing the transaction all on one platform, at their discretion. other app like Airbnb accommodates short-term rental our platforms will accommodate long-term housing options. We will accept SYBC coins and other crypto currency as a means of payment. Our application will allow other landlords & property managers to upload their property to rent out to tenants and instantly receive payments in their wallets.

We are in the process of developing our first SYBC Coin clean living ecosystem community. We are in the design phase of 120 Affordable apartment units with retail access on ground floor. All units can be purchased with sybc coins. Residents can receive rewards in their wallet by completing task to help the growth of the ecosystem. We are in the beginning phase of design & build of the building.

[https://www.sybrealestate.com/](https://SYBC COINS)
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To Learn more about SYBC COINS please visit


We are looking for Partnerships, Funding To help develop Software application and the Residential Community. We are looking for $18,500,000 to complete the full project.

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How can i get a villa?

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We provided full architectural plans for villas if you already have land our plans will just need to be adjusted to fit your parcel. If you don’t have land we can assist with finding land for you. We are a one stop shop for your design and build needs from start to finish. When purchasing any villa from us.

What country are you in?

If you would like to learn more please let us know. I can schedule a zoom meeting to answer your questions.

Thank you

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