[ARCHIVED] Web 3 Physical Access Points

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Proposal Title: Web 3 Physical Access Point

Authors: Kedar Kulkarni

Date: 01/05/2022

How will your proposal, if activated, benefit BitDAO?
Since BitDAO working on scope of Decentralized Economy of future, My Idea also have the similar objective but from a common man’s perspective so BitDAO can also benefit in achieving its goal faster.

What are the projected outcomes?
The projected outcome will be truly decentralized Web3 who’s ownership is distributed among global population even if they are poor or uneducated.

How long will it take to complete your proposed changes?
I am not suggesting changes to BitDAO

Who is involved?
Currently me alone and seeking BitDAO to join

What are the milestones?
Those can be decided when BitDAO’s experts and me have a discussion to create plan together. But from my understanding point of view milestones will be lets say 100 people got on boarded to decentralized web3 to 1billion people got on boarded to decentralized web 3


  1. Timeline
    3 years tentatively since Web3 is growing very fast
  1. Budget
    This proposal is seeking funds, mentors and other relevant participants from BitDAO to turn this into reality. So once BitDAO enters as a Stakeholder Budgeting can be planned with BitDAO’s Involvement. A physical access point can be created from a small shop of 10 x 20 feet space or an entire shopping mall depending on funds available.
  1. Add technical details and/or links to source documentation
    I have not opened the Web3 Access Point yet to show the shop registration. But here is the Concept Note:
    Decentralized Web3 is going to change the future of communication and socio-economic status of developing world. This is going to happen. I am sure there are visionaries already working on it within their own capacity. I want to contribute by making web3 accessible to even an UNEDUCATED or Poor person. The true potential of Web3 is not Trickle Down (inequality propagating) Economics but in discarding current model and build a new one to influence long lasting change by its fast adoption.
    The decentralization provide a great opportunity for poor or even uneducated person to participate and grab ownership of web3 and in process keep it decentralized. There are few GameFi Guilds who has already discovered this potential and are spreading rapidly but their scope is Narrow only limited to GameFi access. I want to create a Physical Access point for not just GameFi but to entire decentralized Web3.
    Imagine this access point is opened in 2 location as a pilot study.
    A) Urban Access Point
    B) Rural Access Point
    Urban Access Point:
    Let’s imagine this Access point is Located near an Urban Slum. Where population is very hard working and always in lookout for earning opportunity. We setup our shop near walking distance from such locality. Where they can come get access to decentralize Web Projects and their services to become financially and economically Free.
    Rural Access Point:
    Similar to Urban Access point imagine Similar access point is opened in Rural area where again people are very hard working and looking for earning opportunities but cannot migrate to cities.
    Description: Role of Access Point
    The role of access point in both cases remains the same to provide people with access so they can become partner in growth of decentralized Web3 while using their services. Web 3 has wide variety of services developed as per people’s requirements. But the most important promise of Web3 is Decentralization. It is going to be owned by People where ownership of web3 will be distributed among its community, people or users. The access point wants to take this opportunity offered by web3 and on board people even if they are uneducated or poor to get benefit of Decentralized Web3.
    The decentralized Web3 projects are going to need people who are looking for growth opportunities. The current Upper Class and Middle Class might adopt it and adapt to it faster but Lower class and Lower middle class will drive its growth. The current visionaries talk of decentralized web3 and its potential to make everyone economically free. This physical access point will help in making that process happen faster.
    The Web3 being decentralized also brings promise of Economic Freedom and it is already being used by population of South East Asia and Africa in multiple creative ways. This is again a one of the biggest potential of Web3 to which an ease of access is needed to on board people to get its benefits.
    Let’s take few examples of current Web3 Projects like Gaming Guilds to understand the role of access point. These Access point will provide people with access to High Earning potential Games which are coming up rapidly. Even if the person or people is/are Poor or Uneducated can come to these access points invest his her it their time to play these games on computers or phone or headsets at those access points even if they don’t own these devices and can start their journey into Web3 as Gamers or as Gaming Guild Scholars. Once on boarded they can further grow as Ambassadors to on board more people, to Gaming Instructors or Trainers, to Gaming Asset Owners and traders, to GameFi project investors and partners with in few Months.
    Similarly access to Web3 DeFi projects will also help in achieving the promise of Economic Freedom even faster so the person will get to opportunity to explore Defi services. Learn to earn processes where now people can earn while learning and have freedom to learn whatever they want to learn sounds like a dream for youth from developing world. Home mining for free using solar power is another brilliant concept developed by Web3 where entire cost is covered by mining and person doesn’t have to pay. The people from lower class cannot invest big amount but can invest small everyday especially if they are daily wagers; for them those small daily investments into decentralized Web3 Defi projects or GameFi Digital Assets or in Creator Economy (when pooled) can not only help them but also help in growth of Web3 and keeping web3 decentralized.
    Hence, the role of these Physical Access Point Will be to create such Easy Access To Decentralized Web3 for All. If successful even an Uneducated Poor person will be able to open an access point in his / her choice of location.
  1. Include any other relevant details on how this proposal will be accomplished
    There will be 2 physical web3 access points will be created one in Urban area and one in Rural area. Then people will be onboarded to decentralized web3 and the impact on web3 and on people who got on boarded impact on their economic status will be studied and if successful can be replicated globally.

Next Steps? If this proposal is accepted, what are the immediate action items?
Planning with involvement of BitDAO expertise


I hope I got it right, since I’m using a translation. I find this idea worth a try. What location do you have in mind? Where do you think the pilot area should be?


Thank you so much for taking time to read using translator…also finding my idea worthy of trying…I really appreciate your efforts and you kind words.
Since, I think this pilot is suited for all developing nations I am sure there are many community members from BitDAOs who are from developing nations like me (Mumbai India).
This will be part of planning process once the team who will be working on this is idea is decided they will decide the location after discussion and their roles. Once the we create the Expanded Concept of The Shop… The Shop Design and Services it will provide
How it will look how many people will be required to run such shop?
How many people for GameFi?
How many people for DeFi?
How many for Digital Assets?
How many for Creators Economy?
Then do we need to create other roles like relationship managers? Sales and Marketing people?
Do we already have them in house or we will be creating opportunities locally?
GameFi will expand faster in my Opinion. Gamers to Ambassadors to Trainers To Asset Owners To Investors…
So it will require a brainstorming to create the Design of This Shop.
Then we can chose location once we have the Design… Any big populated Metro city like my own Mumbai who is also not far from Rural Area… will be ideal in my opinion… I am sure there are multiple cities like this in Asia or Africa or South America. So how the impact will be studied who will go collect data on what indicators? how the data will be collected? these question will also play the role in selecting the location.

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First of all, I would like to thank you for not begging money from the treasury for unnecessary and worthless projects as in other matters. I can see you care about BitDAO. Your idea made sense to me and I think you can take BitDAO to the next level. We should talk about it in more detail and offer it as an offer. The location could be India (I don’t know where in the crypto market). I live in Istanbul. Turkey is the 4th largest market in Europe in the crypto market. I would like to help in the activities that may occur in Istanbul


I am truly humbled by your kind words… I am just a common man from Mumbai who recently started learning web3 hence I need help from big DAOs and people like you who know more about it and have more experience in Web3 space… I totally agree with you We Should Talk about it in more Details… So excited to know you want to join and help…So do not hesitate… Imagine yourself already part of it even if activities location is or isn’t in Istanbul. Visualize the activities you may want to help out in… This will help in creating the Conceptual Framework for this Idea… Visualize the roles you can play lets develop this Idea together…once again thank you so much.
I have noted the part where you suggested BitDAO can Offer this Shop As an Offer to Participate… Great Suggestion! If you can expand on it…it will also help in setting vision and objectives…

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I’d imagine this type of investment would be most effective if combined with an educational aspect since web3 adoption/penetration rate globally is still relatively early in the s curve. This apparent plateau in adoption can be attributed to a few factors, but excluding the userbase on crypto for speculative purposes I believe its due to educational and capital restraints either in terms of startup costs or use cases by the general public.

These would be best positioned to serve as an onboarding point similar to how Bill Gates got his start by using the computers at the UW campus. Maybe you could do some more research into how your area in India can best benefit from blockchain technology?

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One of the issues is that, in the perspective of Web 3 Physical Access Points, you want to prioritize those with more experience. However, to push for mass adoption and inclusion, we should provide everyone equal access. But obviously, those with more experience will have higher expected return comparing to newbies. How will you balance this?


I think the point here is equal opportunity not equal outcome. IMO thats the best we can hope for.


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