[PASSED] BIP-11: BitDAO Rebrand by Windranger Labs

BitDAO has evolved and grown rapidly. To support this evolution, we’re proposing a new brand and website that will serve as a foundation for all of us to continue to grow the ecosystem into the future. We believe this new brand and landing page better represents the state of activities and development; and highlights areas where builders, partners, and community members can join the mission.

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I fully support this rebrand - it is incredibly well done and captures the bold, maverick spirit of the BitDAO vision.

The current branding is reminiscent of the 2017 ICO boom era of web3 design, and in my opinion functions as a countersignal that serves to dissuade potential partners from working with BitDAO.

Cole, Alec, and the entire Windranger team have put a massive amount of effort into this rebrand proposal and I believe it will greatly benefit the long-term viability of the BitDAO ecosystem. Well done!


wow looks really great! love the liveliness, color and style :green_heart:
entire design feels truly encouraging, strong and persuasive.

amazing work. totally supportive of this rebranding :rocket:


Super well done! I love all the intention that went into the design. Using the dot over the i as a pixel to build the rest of the ‘bit’ was a simple yet genius way to scale the logo. The bit is my favorite part :smiley:


So much work across the BITverse has gone into this. I am in support of this as the beginning of an journey with a brand and aesthetic that encompasses the organic and symbiotic nature of bitDAO + polish and uniqueness. I don’t think I have seen anything like this in the space and expect BitDAO and its ecosystem to continue to deliver. I see this rebrand as a first step to inspire the best communities, autonomous entities, and affiliated labs (like windranger) to converge and create. BitDAO truly built different :triumph:


Color is not bad.
BUT, original bitDAO font is better…
Could you show us an example of combining original font???


Love the colours, those aren’t to present in the ecosystem and will help to stand out among others. Well done guys!


I really like how the design changes are explained. It sounds like every step was very well thought through. Every component from the logo to illustrations help you understand the ecosystem and invite you to join it. All in all it feels like this is a proper move to modern web3 branding.


The reptilian part of my brain is very stimulated by this. It is power, if power was a brand.

The only direction I can see the number going is up.


hi, i suggest to use the same font.

“bit” without serif and “dao” with serif look not match


Great to see so many first time posters like the redesign :grin:

Obviously dark themes are superior to light themes, so we can all agree there :wink:

…but what is the thinking behind the limey green colour and font choices?


I highly recommend watching the video.

Nice work Alec / Cole.

Obviously a lot of energy went into the design process. The flowy visuals are quite nice. The neon green stands out a ton. The Matrix 4 is obviously a recognizable influence as a brand identity. A bit is a unit of information equivalent to the result of choice, 0 or 1.

The organic nature of the mycelium inspired design doesn’t necessarily go with a BIT, unless you believe digital mycelium is nature expressing itself through technology, which would represent the nature of a DAO ecosystem very well. Perhaps Qubit would represent organic nature better than 0 or 1.

What does a Qubit look like? Probably algorithms represented as flowing roots through spacetime.

I feel a strong distaste for the DAO font as it doesn’t say anything towards next-gen organizations. It feels more like an old university like Oxford or Harvard would use in a rebrand. In this sense I support the idea of dropping DAO altogether and just going with BIT once that becomes an available option. So if your purpose was to create a “Let’s just get rid of the DAO” part that would make sense to shed the old.

Nice work overall. Keep up the good work.


:-1: brand identity should be managed by a professional agency. font looks distorted and light green #ADFF00 looks very tacky. I’m aware you guys were inspired by brutalism, balenciaga and engineering grammars but we are taking about re-branding the world’s largest DAO. Please re-consider this proposal and do not hurt BitDAO’s current brand identity. Thank you! :pray:


+1 on the mycelium point. BitDAO went from 0-$2bn in an instant and is developing fractally. It doesn’t feel organic in the same way that WallStreetBets did. BitDAO is more like a wormhole in space that came out of nowhere. That said, I think the visuals work for the math/fractal narrative too.


BIP-11: BitDAO Rebrand by Windranger Labs has been officially proposed.

Upon approval, the proposed branding will serve as the new brand identity for #BitDAO.

Voting ends on May 9, 2022, 16:00 UTC.

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BIP-11: BitDAO Rebrand by Windranger Labs has passed. The new brand identity for BitDAO will be implemented in the next few days.

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