[PASSED] BIP-21: Optimization of Brand, Token, and Tokenomics

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Voting on BIP-21 has closed. The proposal has passed with 235M BIT voting Yes and 998 BIT voting No. With the passing of BIP-21, the following actions will be taken:

:white_check_mark: Position Mantle as the unified ecosystem brand with a product focus.
:white_check_mark: Authorize a token conversion plan.
:white_check_mark: Simplify tokenomics for a fresh start for the Mantle Network Mainnet, and token listings.

Thanks to all for contributing to the conversation here, and stay tuned for the upcoming discussion on the token conversion plan.

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Smart decision, I know this has been looked into with great in-depth also knowing that Mantle network can bring more people in with a new token I will also want to know if there’ll be a relationship between bybit and bitdao after rebrand?

This proposal is very interesting and have strong base. If Mantle team will keep low fees with trx speed and high chain security Mantle might be one of the strongest player in blockchainverse.

I fully support this proposal, this will be great for both the community with clear goals for DAOs.
With the token acceleration, I’m in full support as well as this will give the new token a better tokenomics and more even distribution.

Testnet is a very good experience; Does the new token have an impact on processing speed and gas fee optimization ?

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I very much agree, the proposal aims to introduce branding and structural changes that lead to the long-term prosperity of the greatest token holders. Provides maximum chances of success for key products (such as the Mantle Network) and maintains the governance and economic rights of token holders.

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I believe that both the community and DAOs will benefit greatly from this.

Additionally, this will aid in properly communicating information about Mantle Chain operations, such as upcoming initiatives and Token connections to the chain.

I think one coin one brand is most important for BitDao Ecosystem

Hi, have you found the answers to these questions yet? Thanks.

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Hey RRR123, unfortunately not, however, we’ve been working on a proposal to roll out a credit market for $MANTLE here: [DISCUSSION] How Zero-Liquidation Loans can propel BitDAO’s role as the World’s Leading Investment DAO - #5 by 0xDenis
The Mantle treasury could be the lender to earn yield on its stable reserves while giving $MANTLE holders the ability to use their tokens as collateral and borrow against them. So all in all this is a really unique mutually beneficial growth opportunity for both the Mantle treasury and the community.

And the cool thing about this would be that the integration would be super lean, as one wouldn’t necessarily need oracles to do this, hence the community could push this forward sovereignly and independently without having to wait for anyone or anything outside of Mantle.

Please support our proposal to get the ball rolling and make this idea reality!

I’m particularly interested to know how the bitdao tokens currently used as collateral for loans can be converted to the new Mantle tokens. Would it happen in the same manner as the conversion of other bitdao tokens that are not currently staked or used as collateral? In my view, if the collateral can be converted normally from bitdao tokens to Mantle tokens and the loan term continues then this would not be an issue to all users who have crypto loans with bitdao tokens used as collateral.

Nice, good job guys. I think that only clearly thought-out tokenomics including good design and strict adherence to the plan will make the project rocket

Я полностью поддерживаю предложение по оптимизации бренда, токена и токеномики в рамках BitDAO и Mantle. Это предложение представляет собой ключевое изменение, которое сформирует будущее экосистемы Mantle, объединяя сообщества, обмен сообщениями и обмен мнениями между компонентами управления и продукта.

Более того, предлагаемые изменения направлены на обеспечение максимального долгосрочного процветания держателей, наибольших шансов на успех основных продуктов, таких как Mantle Network, а также на сохранение прав держателей токенов на управление и экономических прав. Основные принципы предложения, в том числе позиционирование Mantle как бренда единой экосистемы с акцентом на продукт и утверждение плана преобразования токенов, являются позитивными шагами на пути к достижению этих целей.

ATTN: BIT Delegates and active BitDAO/Mantle governance participants:

Check out details on the migration of the BitDAO forum to a Mantle forum as part of new changes under BIP-21, which was passed last week.

This post outlines details about:

  • Archiving and comment access
  • Forum migration process (BitDAO forum → Mantle forum)
  • Launch of the Mantle Governance Forum
  • Curation of content
  • Privacy Policy

Following BIP-21, A new soft proposal has been posted to the BitDAO forum for discussion:

Please read the proposal for full details. Share your comments, feedback directly on the proposal discussion: :point_down:

[DISCUSSION] Mantle Token Design, Conversion Parameters, and Asset Handling

Unifying the ecosystem under the Mantle brand with a product focus will prevent fragmentation. The token conversion plan ensures a fair and convenient transition for all holders. Accelerating vesting schedules simplifies tokenomics and boosts transparency. Governance remains intact, empowering the community. Existing initiatives maintain their autonomy. Maintaining redirects from the old website ensures a smooth transition. Exciting times ahead for Mantle Network and BIT ecosystem!


I support this progress, as this can unite the project as one and avoid confusions in the future.

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I support this proposal of ONE BRAND, ONE TOKEN.
The only challenge I think I have with this proposal is the conversion rate.

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