[ARCHIVED] BitDAO Burn Tokens

A burn of the BIT would be interesting for the deflation of the token, this will allow an increase in the price of the BIT, which will reduce the number of tokens allocated to the gold of the lanchpad and lanchpool and thus create a buying pressure, the minimum number of BIT to be possessed should decrease if it happens I think well to still let the less wealthy participate in the lanchpad and lanchpool, another consequence would be an increase in the gains for the long time holders on the lanchpad and lanchpool and thus make the BIT strong against Bitcoin.


We need this asap. the total suply of bit is 10 billion. we need burning mechanism to decrease suply. The price of BitDAO will increase


burn half every 1 month and keep it 6 times.
10B to 156M


Will the price of BIT not generally increase anyway due to all the releases within the echosystem?


this is great news. The community should support this and put it to the vote in a short time. We will increase the post-burn price and increase the number of people who support bitDAO, at the same time we will give less BİT for new deals. Let’s act as soon as possible


The problem with my proposal is that I have not proposed a solution to set up a burn, someone has already proposed a lending solution that could replace the burn, accumulate bitdao with DEX, would be a good thing for the treasury and the price of bitdao.


i think for this proposal to be symbiotic to both treasury AUM and token holders an underlying mechanism should be implemented to capture value and then route part of that value back to the treasury in the form of ETH or stablecoins, and divert an equal portion back to token holders via buyback and burns


In the periods that will determine the bybit contributions, we can buy the healers bitDAO and burn it. we will also increase our volume by contracting with other users and listing


I can’t tell anyone around me about this project whose price has been falling continuously for months. I do my best to attract more investors and support bitDAO, but I don’t think management is working as hard as I am. The project may be to build the future in the long run, but the price is not unimportant to anyone. I see this situation as an ulterior motive when I see it and the management does not. Who do you think would invest in a project whose price has been falling (decreased in value) for months? Doesn’t the constant drop in price mean that the project has failed? I want to ask the management should we regret supporting bitDAO?


I think the management is also taking into consideration our proposals. As you may know already the price can fall and rise again after, but it depends on the actions undertaken to make the price increase, I think with recent announcements, partnerships, token swaps and autonomous entities, the future is bright.


You are right, what only matters is the present as we may know the future is hypothetical. So what do you suggest besides a burn of the BIT?

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Obviously, there are many options that can directly affect the price. At first, regular burning can be done for a limited time, listing on major exchanges such as binance, coinbase, high-yield staking options, more advertisements, regular reporting on investments made, edudao presenting viable strategies every week, etc.

Initiate a study to use bitDAO as a payment unit in any crypto-adoptive state or country

It is an interesting suggestion, demand may increase the price, but the key will be execution. You should probably submit such a proposal.

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In my opinion, i think the purchase program from Bybit which is 700k daily should be transparency and half of the bit token direct burn and half f the token contribute to the treasury of bitdao


Here is the logic:

Burn => Supply down => Price up => Personal Wealth up

But please think about whose BIT are we burning? My? Yours? BitDAO? Bybit? etc.

I am pretty sure none of these parties mentioned above would like the burning of their own token for the sake of others’ personal wealth.

Burn BIT from the purchase program? How would that ever help with the price? You are essentially burning your own money…

Burn BIT from the purchase program => Supply down => BitDAO Treasury down

Look at BNB. Well, surely that’s not due to its centralised holding.


Doesn’t anyone talk about the 30 million bit that will be unlocked on the 15th of each month? This will last for eight months, and if some of it is sold in a very short period of time, it will cause prices to fall further. I think it is time to increase TDPA and accumulate some USDT to deal with the 30 million unlocked bit each month, so as to prevent these chips from being used by some people to let prices fall deliberately and profit from the middle.
Based on the above concerns, I suggest setting TDPA at $1 million a day and accumulating $300000 of that to stop prices from falling rapidly.


That’s too early to burn $Bit,

When bit was created, what did we intend to do? I’m pretty sure, not just for the $$ of BIT tokens.

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It is a good idea to control the number of BIT. However, deflation is as serious as inflation. When deflation happens, the willingness of investment may decrease because the price of BIT increase, I am afraid that will lead to a reduction in value of BIT.