[ARCHIVED] Project Kepler (Immutable X Backed): WEB 3 social platform

Whilst most creators want to enable their communities to interact with their content in new and innovative ways, Web 2 & 3 brands have nowhere to seamlessly leverage community-building into growth and monetization by hosting hyper-realistic digital venues.

Users of current metaverse platforms feel that they’re: intimidating, ambiguous, and inaccessible for creators and their communities to create and meaningfully interact. This is so, as no metaverse platform is concentrating on seamless use, and adoption for the already existing creator economy (influencers on youtube, IG, TikTok) The creator economy’s TAM is over $100BN. A platform enabling this on a seamless mobile, hyper-realistic, and mass scale (this is what we’re building) can grab a huge chunk of this market.

Project Kepler
Project Kepler provides 10,368 web 2&3 creators with a hyper-realistic metaverse platform where they can seamlessly engage their communities by building venues and experiences in their private land properties (Social Media platform based in Metaverse). Our platform gives creators access to 10 new revenue streams and can host over 10K users in a single property (mobile, web, VR) at the same time.

Project Kepler will serve as an extension to existing and new creators’ brands similarly to TikTok, etc, but that for the first time seamlessly enables community members to engage with one another and participate in interesting immersive experiences together, overall boosting brand loyalty, engagement that the creators can monetize, making “the metaverse” widely adopted and used.


  • We propose BitDAO to be one of the shareholders in Project Kepler by taking a $1M-$3M allocation of our Private Round ($0.30 per 1x $PKPL). Immutable X has backed us with a $250K grant, $1.5M is soft committed and we’re working on locking in $750K more this week.
  • By investing you will also acquire rights to our ecosystem’s Revenue Distributions and staking rewards enabled through $PKPL


  • Imagine… 15K BitDAO members in hyper-realistic BitDAO HQ, interacting through spatial audio as hyper-realistic avatars (and through mobile). We will build out a hyper-realistic venue for your community to hold AMAs, council meetings, voting, etc, and in new ways engage your community.
  • We bring well-known & A-tier creators, and influencers, with huge audiences onto our platform and
  • We’re open to making intros for you to all of our backers if this is of interest.


  • Strategic Partner & $250K backing from Immutable X
  • NFT and smart contract development, Metaverse Design stage in the progress
  • Active membership of IPwe IP pool, LOI with Emote AI
  • Confirmed partnerships with 11 NFT brands, VALACLAVA (worked with Gucci, DIOR, etc) (> 750K combined community members).
  • Pending partnerships with 20 NFT brands with over 8.75M combined community members, 3 marketing agencies, and 7 talent management agencies (overseeing creators >30M combined community) in talks to bulk-onboard 1000 influencers to our platform.
  • In talks with Domecq Spain and the Government of El Salvador about building a digital embassy and other digital experiences on our platform.
  • Locked in: KuCoin, future fast track into Binance, Coinbase, Crypto(.com). Pending: Gate(.io), other Tier 1 launchpads

A team that has:

  • Executed Go-To-Market strategies for 17 NFT projects
  • Digital marketing experience (20 years) and crypto marketing (7 years)
  • Worked on one of our competitor metaverse projects (Ceek metaverse) and horizon forbidden west, gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation (which are relevant projects to what we’re building in their graphical and gamification aspects)
  • Direct contacts with all industry-leading crypto platforms, launchpads and KOLs
  • Direct contacts with NFT and WEB 3 leading influencers, celebrities, singers
  • Co-founded and/ or led marketing as the CMO for Crypto(.com), Binance, Coinbase.

Company Links

Get in Touch (VCs and Angels are welcome too)

  • Telegram: @tomssce
  • Email: toms@projectkepler.vision
  • Support ImX-Backed Web 3 Creator Platform
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||||Deep Dive Into Project Kepler||||

How this works for creators:
After buying their NFT-pegged 100x100m digital land property, by using our SDK they can develop a digital venue or immersive experience that’s fully customized to their brand (customizing: Physics, Sky, Physical landscape, Horizon, Sky, Entry mode (paid/ private/ public/)). This can be done in 15 minutes. After this, they can export an invitation link to their land property, add it to their social media bios (discord, Twitter, Instagram, tik-tok, only fans), and through the links channel their community members to their land property. They can host up to 15K of their community members there at the same time. From the point of buying the land property NFT, all creators get access to 10 new revenue streams powered exclusively by our platform. As properties have no inter-spatial component, creators often form new partnerships by hosting joint venues and experiences. As also the reward incentives are aligned with creators continuously updating and forming new experiences, users have an immense amount of possible experiences to visit and enjoy.

How this works for community members.
Upon going onto our platform through their Mobile phone (web/ app), computer or VR, they can either create a hyper-realistic avatar version of themselves or enter as an NFT avatar from a brand that has partnered with us. Upon entering a land property, they can communicate with the rest of the community members through crowd spatial audio (realistic voice chat for all 15K users simultaneously) and use in-metaverse private chat to communicate privately where they can add their newly met friends and chat with them directly. All community members have over 10K updated interesting experiences to enjoy whilst being on our platform, each curated by an individual creator, ensuring that retention by the various users will be high, encouraging them to spend a high amount of time on our platform.

Competitive advantages

  1. Host 5-10K people as hyper-realistic avatars in the same property simultaneously. This is possible as we’re building on Improbable’s M^2 Morpheus technology.

  2. Hyper-realistic graphics
    We’re building on Unreal Engine 5 which enables us to have a hyper-realistic environment and hyper-realistic avatar use (MetaHumans)

  3. Extending your brand into the metaverse in seconds.
    Our developed Seamless Modelling Software (SDK on top of Unreal Engine 5) allows creators to build out their property in minutes by allowing them to customise ready-made assets in bulk, choose from pre-made venues.

  4. Channel your community to your Kepler venue in seconds.
    The link exporting feature allows you to export an invitation link to your property. You can then paste it into your Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Discord BIOs.

  5. Endless customization
    Kepler Metaverse is built as a closed-world metaverse (there is no inter-spatial component between properties), meaning that each property is its separate entity. This allows the users to customize their properties:

  • Physics
  • Sky
  • Physical landscape
  • Horizon
  • Sky
  • Entry mode (paid/ private/ public/)
  1. Seamless Partnering With Other Creators
    Our closed-world setting allows creators to merge their properties and partner.

  2. Gain Huge Exposure To Creator Content
    Communal areas will be available for booking by any of the 10,368 members to host public events. Project Kepler will promote events on all of our social media platforms, and possibly help members host the event with grant support and lower transaction commissions.

  3. Creators can earn in 10+ different new ways exclusively available on our platforms.

  4. Creator rewards
    24% of the total $PKPL supply have been allocated towards creator and community rewards. These will be distributed to creators hitting various targets in engaging their communities and facilitating monetary transactions within their Project Kepler properties. Powered by both the 92.5% commissions of all transactions that they capture and the relevant “Creator Rewards”, creators are incentivised to host day to day activities in their properties which leads to higher capital inflows in our treasury) and ensure that more of $PKPL is held by creators& influencers actively engaging their communities, rather than passive $PKPL holders.

  5. Revenue Distributions
    All funds (post-expenses) stay within the ecosystem. Capital is channeled to the Kepler Bank, which buys our core utility token $PKPL off the market and then re-distributes it amongst all $PKPL stakers. The issued rewards will be calculated relative to the amount of $PKPL that a user has staked and the amount of $pPKPL that they will have facilitated through their property (whether or not the user owns a Project Kepler Property). This is done to purposely reward active creators more than passive $PKPL stakers.

$PKPL is the core utility token of the Project Kepler Metaverse. $PKPL Token holders have the ability to lock their Tokens in the Kepler Bank, which will provide them with an incentivizing percental return for staking. As it is also the governance token, holders can vote in the bi-monthly DAO elections as well as receive $PKPL staking revenue distributions issued complementary to the staking awards.

Use cases:

  • Staking $PKPL in the Kepler Bank for percental returns.
  • Vote with up to 50 votes in the Kepler DAO elections.
  • Eligibility for revenue distributions.
  • Unique Asset NFT releases.
  • pPKPL tokens are distributed through airdrop

Acquiring the token:

  • Project Kepler website
  • DEXes, CEXes,
  • Revenue distributions
  • Staking rewards

$pPKPL is the main in-metaverse use token. It can be used for fees for various User-To-Metaverse fees and Community-To-Creator fees. $pPKPL doesn’t have the Revenue-Staking Distributions utility, it cannot be staked, and cannot be used for voting purposes. If a Holder decides to break the lock on his staked tokens, they are paid out 40% of the reward in $pPKPL. $pPKPL’s supply isn’t capped.

Use cases:

  • User-To-Metaverse transactions
  • Community-To-Creator fees

Acquiring the token:

  • Project Kepler website (contract where ETH/ USDT is exchanged to $pPKPL relative to it’s market value)- main issuance mechanism in terms of quantity
  • DEXes, CEXes,
  • Broken lock on the $PKPL staking
  • Initial airdrop to $PKPL holders (prior to the metaverse launch)

Revenue Streams

  1. The first general revenue stream is primary and secondary NFT sales. Starting with Project Kepler Membership (Property NFTs) and continuing with Unique Asset and other NFT collection releases and secondary sales, the ecosystem will ensure a stable inflow of capital throughout the year.


  • Membership NFT primary sales
  • Membership NFT secondary sales commissions
  • Unique Asset NFT primary sales
  • Unique Asset NFT secondary sales commissions


  • $6M of revenue in month #1 of the initial NFT collection’s sales, sold out in the first 90 days, generating $10M.
  • Unique asset NFT collections selling out, generating $1.5M each in primary sales, 30 days after release.
  • Steadily increasing floor price with a “hockey stick” growth in price right before the release of the Metaverse.
  1. Revenue from in-metaverse, in-website and in-metaverse advertising and product placement (7.5% out of all transactions).
    Both Community-to-Creator and Creator-to-Creator payments will be taxed, which also is done to ensure that the inflow of capital is captured and the ecosystem is developed even further.


  • Commissions from Entry fee setting
  • Commissions from Kepler Marketplace sales
  • Commissions from Land Renting
  • Commissions from Land Fractionalization
  • Commissions from in-property experiences
  • Commissions from other brand promotions

Available upon inquiry.


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