[ARCHIVED] Proposal to fund Eden Protocol with 90,000 BIT tokens

1. Summary:

TLDR video → Alpha Demo video

Eden :deciduous_tree: will be the world’s opportunity protocol, providing a place where everyone can grow through work they love, thanks to our two-way person-project matching system. This system is Eden’s :deciduous_tree: core, built from an ML-driven assistant, a platform-like interface, and some epic protocol-mechanics.

Communities can integrate Eden :deciduous_tree: into Discord, Slack, Telegram, or wherever they are. Think of it like an assistant that always learns and works as an automated, personal project scout; it flags the most relevant individuals for projects and vice versa. With this, Eden :deciduous_tree: will open opportunities throughout the web3 ecosystem by streamlining overwhelming discord servers, convoluted onboarding processes and outdated notion tables. The result is brilliant talent coordination & resource allocation, minus the headache.

The Challenge

Nowadays, overwhelming Discord channels, outdated Notion tables, and overflowing DMs bury many great web3 opportunities. Pseudo-decentralised, mostly affinity-based coordination through calls between only the most dedicated people don’t help to bring in new talent, and the harder it is for DAO members to connect, the harder it is for the DAO to attract, engage & retain talent. With growing participation equating growing inaccessibility, the mission of each DAO risks failure… so we built a solution.

The Solution

Eden :deciduous_tree: (fka “Soil” in D_D) is our project/person matching tool/bot, which streamlines opportunity-finding on a DAO-wide scale. Its user experience aims to be effortless, yet delivers hyper-relevant, even life-changing, results. Eden’s :deciduous_tree: combination of AI & community generated, on-chain reputation markers (such as endorsements) ensures that the human element builds and drives the bot. The resulting matches are decentralized, autonomous & bottom-up, providing results that web2 platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn could only dream of.

By enabling frictionless, person-project matching, engaging & retaining talent becomes organic. When people like their projects and work with people they admire they can do more. With this kind of ecosystem, any DAO can fulfill its mission, and any contributor can grow to their potential :)!! The growing freelance market would be the first to agree -

“Life’s too short to work a job you hate with people you don’t like… “

All of us at Eden :deciduous_tree: believe that prioritizing values of purpose & community is the essence of building great things. That’s how we’re building a protocol that makes work, work for us all.


BluePanda#5982 | Miltiadis Saratzidis - Tech Lead

Miltos is a PhD-ML-Dropout with previous experience as a senior ML Engineer at multinationals & CTO of multiple startups. His combination of experiences with full-stack, ML, social graphs & solidity as well as exceptional leadership & managerial skills make him the perfect tech lead to realize our vision of building the world’s opportunity protocol.

impactbilli#8647 | Tom Husson - Product Lead

Tom dropped out of his masters in Computer Science to build a 10-person digital innovation consultancy, which he sold. Among his clients were the 3 EU-institutions & various multinationals. His experience building & scaling a business in combination with innovative & strategic thinking with emerging technologies for large scale organizations make him the perfect product lead to realize our vision of building the world’s opportunity protocol.

Core Contributors

Milo#7738 | Lolita Mileta UI | Community | Research | Fundraising
busayo#4524 | Olubusayo Amowe Research & Collaboration
wiseTy#8689 | Tyrone Dunmore Backend | Product
exwhyzee.eth#1234 | Sundaram J UX/UI
sbelka.eth#3367 | Sergey Belyaev Frontend developer
Moiz#7516 | Moiz Solidity Developer
Aayush Gupta#7870 | Aayush Gupta Blockchain Developer
Miral#6517 | Miral Frontend Developer
jengajojo.eth#5896 Research & Outreach
Tricelex#0703 | Emmanuel Okoye Blockchain Dev
Alex1237#2487 | Alex Bot Wizard
waxy#0208 | Eric Blockchain Dev
eloigil#4894 | Eloi Gil Peiró Full Stack Developer
Jonas :belgium:#9678 | Jonas Denil UX/UI
Faina_Ivanovna#5781 | Erin Tupman Grant Strategy | Wordcrafter

2. Our progress to date

April 2022: Initial set of ideas at ETH Amsterdam

May 2022: First POC demoed in multiple DAOs

June 2022: Anchored in D_D

July 2022: Built a team of 25 contributors to take lessons learned from POC to MVP in 4 user-stories. Held weekly town hall meetings in D_D to discuss vision, concerns, problems, and successes

August 2022: Received grants from Algovera, OceanDAO, and Developer DAO

3. Project Timeline

Stage 1 [from alpha to beta]

August 2022 [from alpha to beta]

  • Deploy MVP in stages in D_D
    • Smart Bot for p2p matching
    • Onboarding flows
    • Launching a project on Eden
    • Interface for p2p matching
    • V1 of Endorsements
  • Conduct extensive user testing with the goal to iterate until D_D absolutely loves the product test parts of the MVP
  • Continue weekly town hall meeting in D_D
  • Raise grants to
    • Provide a minimum of 4 months of compensation for a steady core team, so we can dedicate more time to integrate feedback
    • Pay (early) contributors, who have been with us from the start, to compound on their involvement, knowledge accumulation & drive for the project

September 2022 [from alpha to beta]

  • Continue user testing with D_D
  • Integrate all testing feedback
  • Continue web3 grant-raising efforts
  • Selectively approach other DAOs to participate in private beta of Eden Protocol

Stage 2 [from beta to mvp]

October 2022 - December 2022 [build, measure, learn]

  • Selectively approach other DAOs to participate in private beta of Eden Protocol
  • Iterate MVP until multiple DAOs are raving about our private beta
    [hack value, then hack growth]
  • Integrate feedback with core team + contributors
  • Kick raising efforts into high gear, preferably web3 grants - to prepare for the post MVP phase.
  1. Goals

Short-term, practical

  • Make Eden unmissable in a select set of DAOs

  • Raise enough capital to keep the team going

Long-term, practical/philosophical

  • Upgrade the way people find & engage in work through our opportunity protocol
  1. Technical Considerations - how does Eden :deciduous_tree: work?


When first interacting with Eden, your contact will most likely be with a bot in your discord, telegram or slack. We built Eden :deciduous_tree: to meet you wherever you are - instead of inconveniencing you by dragging you to other pages or sites.

The live bot lives on discord and integrates seamlessly with our front- and backends. It’s written in javascript & uses relatively standard libraries, such as discord.js

Here’s an overview of all the Eden Commands:


/signup - Join Eden to find projects you love

/onboarding call - Onboard multiple new frens into Eden

/invite frens - Invite a fren to join Eden

/endorse - Endorse a discord members’ skills

/find fren - Find member profiles in the community

/find skills - Find members with a particular set of Skills

/projects for you - Find projects that match your profile

/launch new project - Launch a project in the community

/see project activity - See key updates of a specific project

/new project announcement - Share a key update for your project

/champion dashboard - open the champion dashboard

/staff project - open the staffing dashboard



We use Next.js library to render our frontend components. Tailwind CSS is used for styling. To manage the global state we use Redux, specifically Redux Toolkit. Our frontend components send data to GraphQL and the data gets returned from GraphQL into Redux, from there it is distributed throughout the app. Currently, everything is written in JavaScript, but that will change in the future.


After launching the MVP, we created a new repo, which will integrate on top of our current repo. It will offer some new tech stack components, including storybook, typescript, jest, and apollo client.

Storybook will help with building and testing the component in isolation, which helps in making our development faster.

Typescript aids in development by showing us errors in build time.

Jest develops a robust deployment for the protocol’s users by creating unit testing on every component separately.

Apollo Client makes fetching and updating the data on graphql easier.


Since Eden :deciduous_tree: is a protocol, we base our database on an open API system using graphQL. That way, any web3 ecosystem will be able to connect with us and use the data to enhance the ecosystem. Simultaneously, web3 ecosystems will be able to pass information to Eden :deciduous_tree: Protocol and enhance the experience of our users

Data storage utilizes two databases: MongoDB and neo4j.

MongoDB creates the foundation of the protocol, as it provides the ability to store all information in an organized manner while providing the speedy retrieval of information.

Neo4j is a graph-based database. This visual utility shows us the story of each DAO’s interactions, which allows us to use GCNNs (Graph Convolutional Neural Networks) to extract intelligent information about different questions/queries surrounding the protocol.


The data we collect is used to display user and project information inside Eden :deciduous_tree: Protocol.

For now, data collection occurs on a web2 database (MongoDB) and is preprocessed and organised in Json format. This data is simultaneously prepared for Eden :deciduous_tree: Protocol’s next phase, which will utilize Natural Language Processing and Graph Machine Learning to improve the database

We will start moving the data on-chain upon clearer signals of a product-market fit, which we’ve identified as a set of DAOs, which work well because of our product, and which are unable to function at the same level without it.

Today, we are investigating how to add contributor skills on-chain with soul bound tokens. We are also investigating the possibility of publishing new projects on Lens Protocol through Eden :deciduous_tree: Protocol. Finally, we are working with Polygon to explore storing project data on-chain


  • SoulBound NFTs: We’re giving users the possibility to mint certain key reputation markers gained through the Eden Protocol on chain to be able to take & utilize in other context.
  • Creation of Projects on Polygon ecosystem: By moving key bits of information on chain we can make the projects ownable & transferable as well as keep an on-chain log of what happens with the project. This can be used for future reference as an “on-chain” cv.
  • Creation of Native Eden Token, for skin in the game staking mechanics: Further down the line, we want to design tokenomics that incentivize all users to help each other to truthfully & meaningfully build out each others’ reputations & be incentivized to help each other find the perfect project/person match.
  1. Milestone-Based Funding

We suggest a milestone-based unlock tier for the scope of this proposal. We request funds from the BitDAO community only if we are able to achieve the predefined deliverables outlined in this application. With this approach, we aim for high accountability and community satisfaction, as well as to keep ourselves grounded. We also offer to update the community with quarterly forum posts about our achievements.

Working with the BitDAO community involves us dedicating our time and attention to developing Eden, based on community feedback. Hence, we request an upfront investment of 10,000 BIT tokens, if this proposal is accepted, to dedicate adequate personnel time and attention for optimising our product to the BitDAO community’s feedback.

Stage 1 [from alpha to beta]

Stage 1 costs the team roughly 350 hours in dev and admin time to execute. This means it costs roughly 35,000 USD to deploy the beta version of this app. We seek to raise 50% of this amount from BitDAO and suggest that the first unlock is worth 35000 BIT tokens.

Stage 2 [from beta to mvp]

Stage 2 costs the team roughly 450 hours in dev and admin time to execute. This means it costs roughly 45,000 USD to deploy the mvp of our app. We seek to raise 50% of this amount from BitDAO and suggest that the second unlock to be worth 45000 BIT tokens.

To summarize, the total ask is 10000 + 35000 + 45000 = 90,000 BIT tokens


Our supporters so far

  1. Developer DAO: Talent Coordination Bot Proposal - Soil 🌱 - Unlock Community Powered Opportunity - S1 Budget Application - Budgets/Grants - Developer DAO
  2. Algovera: Results of Grants Round 4 | Algovera Docs
  1. OceanDAO: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Hey guys, awesome to see our application on BitDAO. Right now with Eden :deciduous_tree: we are focusing on the onboarding process in a DAO specifically for Developer DAO which can have incredible applications to BidDAO. Can wait to open up our discussions and connect on our communities


Super exciting project by some fantastic folks. We at Algovera are thrilled about a collaboration with Eden Protocol! Looking forward to using Eden’s product at Algovera!! :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree:


Great to see Eden that was build literally couple of months back is engaging so many people and everyone is fascinated by the idea because Eden is solving the problem most us faces like not finding best project for ourself. Hopefully Eden will expand every DAO and help people find best project for them and many more.


Thank you so much, and we truly love algovera, Richard, Hitesh, WiseTy etc

super happy to see you here :smiley:


Heey @moiz thank you for commenting, feel deeply engaged for what you are saying especially with the project person match problem and disengagement problem that exist right now on DAOs, can’t wait to solve this problem with you


Hey folks, love that the application has made its way here!
I’ve been contributing to the Product Design of Eden, designing the MVP, shipping prototypes.
Absolutely love the idea and the team building it!


Hey! I’m super excited to see this application :slight_smile: I joined Eden because it was trying to solve the problem I was currently having: not finding a meaningful project to work at.
Lately, I’ve been focused on developing the frontend of the onboarding experience. It’s super exciting to see it coming to life!


Hey everyone! Great to see the application here! I’ve been contributing to the Outreach team at Eden focusing mainly on adoption and integrations strategy. :seedling:


It’s amazing to see project such as this grow so fast in the recent weeks. People in the team as very passionate about their mission and will bring the change to the web3 space. I am not part of the team, but had plenty of opportunities to see them in actions and I can guarantee that they will accomplish the goals that they set for themselves! Coming out of Developer_DAO there is no other way than this one! :wink:


What will you contribute to BitDAO holders?


In web3 world we want to make sure that all the necessary information stays stored and we dont miss anything while making sure connecting the right person when needed. Super excited to see this project grow.


I think you guys are just bots swiping messages :thinking:


Hi Everyone! Grateful to be part of the Eden protocol! Currently, I am contributing to the new version of the front end. Happy to see this project mature and reach new horizons :slight_smile:


haha we just have a big team :slight_smile: join us for a meeting I’ll personally introduce you to everyone of people above!


thanks Jojo for submitting this proposal, great work as always!!

“Life’s too short to work a job you hate with people you don’t like… “, looks like Jojo has this one figured out haha


Hello, BitDAO! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as another face of Eden. I work with the outreach team and am having a blast! Looking forward to getting to know you all better :slight_smile:


would love to go deep in detail with you on that, pls grab a meeting with @BluePanda on Calendly - Blue Panda

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