[ARCHIVED] Proposal to fund Eden Protocol with 90,000 BIT tokens

Hey BitDAO members,

I am a part of Developer Dao and I have seen the Soil aka Eden team go at it strong since the beginning! I have witnessed just how far the project has come so far in such a short time as I remember getting on a call with BluePanda and Milo where they explained me about Soil (now Eden) when it was just a concept.

I was sold right then and there as I was sure it wasn’t just me who faced the problem the team is trying to solve. I am really excited for the future of Eden since I believe this will be a gamechanger in the coming time and I am 100% behind the project and support the team.


Glad to see this application here! I’m currently working Eden’s graph database (Neo4j) & User Research for onboarding! Super excited about what we’re building here!


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