BitDAO Forum Rules


This forum is for structured discussions around topics leading to BitDAO Snapshot proposals, main site and related core products.

This forum is not for general discussions or Q&A. For that please refer to BitDAO Discord and BitDAO Telegram.

Relevant topics include
Actions executed only after a successful vote, including:

  • Proposed changes to governance parameters (including proposal threshold, vote threshold)
  • Proposed actions involving BitDAO Treasury assets (including grants, swaps, wrapping, staking, liquidity support)
  • Proposed adoption of new BitDAO core products (including governance tools, DAO tools, treasury management tools)
  • Proposed improvements to BitDAO main site

Not relevant topics include

  • BIT price discussions
  • General BitDAO discussions
  • Non-BitDAO discussions

BitDAO Principles

  • BitDAO is not a company. It does not have a management team or employees.
  • BitDAO is a collection of contributors. Contributors will hold BIT tokens and are motivated to make the project a success.
  • Various individuals and teams will propose changes to the BitDAO protocol. It is up to BIT holders to vote to accept or reject these proposals.
  • Holding BIT entitles you to submit and vote on proposals. It does not entitle you to impose your will upon other contributors.
  • BitDAO will be an evolving project, and community leaders will emerge over time. Governance proposals and forum participation will affect the direction of the project.
  • The vision and mission of BitDAO will be driven by token holders, contributors, and community leaders.

Initial Thoughts on Forum Moderation

  • This will be an evolving policy. We want to encourage open, civil, and on-topic discussions.
  • Moderators will remove or archive posts that are not relevant topics, or low effort proposals.
  • Moderators will move posts to the correct category.
  • Moderators will look to combine duplicate topics.