[FAILED] BIP-2: Reduce amount of BITs required to submit governance proposal


The current proposal creation requires 10M BITs too high, and no new proposal has been created so far.

Lowering the threshold is conducive to active communities, making it easier for people with ideas to create proposals, and allowing more people to participate in building a BitDao.


According to BitDAO Token Holders, there are very few addresses with a balance higher than 10M, and most of the BIT is in the contract address. So I think the threshold should be 5M or lower.

Options: 10M(no change), 5M, 2M, 1M.

Voting will start on Sep 19, 2021 for 3 days

Snapshot Link


@byr0n a couple things to consider with this proposal, referring to the Governance Phase One documentation

  1. The Vote Duration needs to be at least 7 days
  2. The Vote Threshold is presently set to 100M BIT or 1% of the total supply

I recommend resubmitting this for discussion within the community, and as many delegates as possible. I can assist with this discussion,