[PASSED] BIP-5.1 G7P-1: Game7 Bootstrapping Phase

In October 2021, the Game7 proposal attracted over 2000 individuals interested in contributing to the DAO. It started with multiple separate groups, working independently to define the next steps, which then evolved into a vibrant community of game developers and web3 builders discussing governance structures, strategy, and initiatives aligned with the DAO’s mission: to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming.

The proposal below will initiate the formal kick-off of Game7 DAO, the planned delegation of voting rights, and the deployment of the first tranche of funding, allowing our community to begin its journey.

We’ve outlined our vision, mission, values, and grassroots initiatives ideated by our early contributors. We identified key objectives to drive a progressive plan for community ownership and outlined how you can start contributing today.

By voting ‘Yes’ on this proposal, you approve:

  • The official launch of Game7 DAO
  • Voting Rights delegation to committees
    • For topics such as Grants, Investments, and Events → Decision-making by Committee
    • The development of a plan to allow voting rights holders to elect, propose, and replace committees and their members.
    • Official BitDAO representatives for Game7 are Jon Allen and cateatpeanut.
  • Approve the first $80M tranche of funding by BitDAO (an additional $20M from Forte expected after Forte approval) for a total of $100M
  • Approve the operational funds budget of up to 5% of each tranche
  • Approve the Ownership Rights Transfer allocation

Read the draft proposal here. Subject to change based on BitDAO community feedback.

Start supporting us by:

  1. Following us on Twitter.
  2. Starring our GitHub Repo.
  3. Sharing our recent Game Developer Report.

For more information, visit us at Game7.io.



First off, congrats on the great work team.

I think finding sustainable models for gaming economies and creating the end to end infrastructure is extremely important for web3 adoption globally. If we take one example, eg Africa, even tho the economics make sense of recruiting scholars from the lowest GDP region but with still relatively good 4g and mobile penetration, there is no way to currently bring concepts such as play to earn to Africa. Users do’nt know the concept and have no idea the value they can unlock directly from their phone. I think promoting interoperable collaboration is the fastest way to an open-source digital future. For this, I am confident the group of advisors and committee members put together will be well served for this purpose:)


As a game maker that’s focused on accelerating blockchain gaming, I love this proposal.

I’ve been making and launching games on every major platform for more than two decades. This plan “to unite and empower builders, players and pioneers” is invigorating. This is an important first step in revolutionizing the gaming industry!

Go, go, go!


The G7P-1: Game7 Bootstrapping Phase vote is live on Snapshot!

Please cast your vote by Aug 9, 2022