[SUGGESTION] Proposal for BITDAO to join bip.so

Proposal Title: Offering a knowledge management platform/service for BITDAO

Authors: Jin

Date:21 December 2022

Are you looking for a better way to share knowledge and resources with your Discord server/Slack communities? Do you want to organize and access important information quickly and easily? Look no further than bip.so.

bip.so is a knowledge base platform that integrates seamlessly with Discord and Slack. With bip.so, you can create a central repository of knowledge that is easily accessible to all members of your Discord/Slack server. This means that you no longer have to search through old chat logs to find the information you need. Instead, you can just search for it in the knowledge base and get the answers you need quickly and easily.

In addition to making it easy to find information, bip.so also allows you to structure your knowledge in a way that makes it easy to understand and use. You can create categories and subcategories to organize your knowledge, and you can even add tags to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

But that’s not all! bip.so also has a Discord bot called bip mark, which allows you to easily capture and document important messages from your Discord server. This makes it easy to keep track of important information and ensure that it is easily accessible to all members of your community.

Don’t waste any more time sifting through chat logs. Sign up for bip.so today and start using your Discord server to its full potential. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it can make for your community.

We have found that bip.so is actually very compatible to DAOs and have a few DAOs join us, these include:
MESH FInance
Nodestar DAO
City roads DAO
Cannabis Genome DAO
Gm Chain
Test Dao
SuperTeam DAO
Even DAOs like ENS and Pizza DAO are exploring our platform and are interested in converting to bip.so.

I think joining bip.so would be a great way for you to improve your organization’s knowledge management and provide better support to your customers. Let’s discuss the details and see if it’s a good fit for your community.


Hi @Jin1576, thanks for sharing this suggestion. Bip.so looks like it could be a useful resource for some of the teams working in the BitDAO ecosystem. I’ve moved this thread to the Suggestion category.

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Great to know!!! I hope that bip.so can be a great help for them.

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One of the the greatest I read in a recent time.

I also vote for bip.so