BitDAO Forum Migration

Dear forum users,

We would like to inform you about the migration process for our forum in accordance with BIP-21. The migration involved cloning the forum from to Please take note of the following important details:

Archiving and Read-only Status

  1. The BitDAO forum was archived and set to read-only at approximately 2023 May 24, 1PM UTC.

  2. The read-only forum will be retained for record-keeping purposes, particularly for situations where forum discussions have been referenced by Snapshot proposals.

  3. Administrators will retain editing privileges for archival categorization, clean-up purposes, and for creating posts and notifications that direct users to the new Mantle forum.

  4. For ongoing discussions, admins will add a final comment directing participants to the corresponding threads on the Mantle forum. The comment will include the following message: “Dear forum user, due to the forum migration (link to notification post), this forum has now been set to read-only. Please continue the conversation at the following link [corresponding Mantle forum link].”

Migration Process:

  1. With the assistance of Discourse, we have created a snapshot of the BitDAO forum and cloned it to the Mantle forum, including all content and permission settings.

  2. Users can log in to the Mantle forum with their existing (BitDAO forum) usernames and authentication methods.

  3. If you have forgotten your password, please refer to Discourse’s password recovery procedures.

  4. All BitDAO forum content has been cloned to the Mantle forum.

Launch of Mantle Forum

  1. The Mantle forum has launched and is accessible at We will notify you via email once the forum is available again.

Curating Content

  1. Administrators and moderators have started the process of curating the Mantle forum content, and significant changes are expected within the first 24 hours.

  2. Any content not relevant to the Mantle ecosystem has been archived in the Mantle forum and will remain accessible via the “read-only” BitDAO forum.

  3. Relevant content has been reorganized and moved to their appropriate sections on the Mantle forum.

Privacy Policy

  1. An email has been sent to each user containing this notification.

  2. Please note that by using the Mantle forum, you agree to the same Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that were in place on the BitDAO forum. If you do not agree to these terms, or if you wish for your account to be deleted from the Mantle forum, please respond to the email, and we will proceed with the deletion of your account on the Mantle forum.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this forum migration process. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our moderators and community managers.

Thank you, BitDAO/Mantle Forum Team