[SUGGESTION] Marketing Collaboration

Authors: Dana - ICODA

Hi there!
Let me introduce our crypto marketing agency ICODA and the ways how we could benefit your DAO.

Overview: It is a cryptocurrency and blockchain agency that operates in different parts of the world. The company supplies its customers with turnkey marketing strategies and innovative technologies created according to the goals and peculiarities of autonomous organizations.

We are a team of experts who accompany your firm and deliver crypto leads at all stages of platform creation and promotion. Our experience allows us to guarantee that your company will get high-professional comprehensive assistance and advancement.

We at ICODA are always ready to help you. Book a free consultation right now, and our experts will find the most suitable way to promote your organization in the most effective way. The team will define every step carefully and meet the requirements.

Let’s get to know each other! We would like to propose a meeting to discuss how we can assist you in creating a DAO and building an effective strategy for it. Moreover, we’ll discuss the plan, costs as well as the timeline needed for it.

Just drop me a line below.

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Hi @danayaaaa, thanks for opening up this discussion. We recommend that marketing requests go to the Suggestions category, so I’ve moved this thread.

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In order to establish the BitDao brand, we should focus on positioning: BitDao should be the world’s number one DAO with a track record of contributing to society and economic development through investment. For example, instead of making BIT token as Layer 1, a use case as a DAO that supported Layer 1 is appropriate

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