Delegation Pitch!

Hello everyone!

This is a simple pitch for delegated votes. I’m a Canadian computer science student who has been involved with cryptocurrency in one form or another since 2013. I’m currently the acting community manager for a project that’s entered into Solana’s ‘Ignition’ Hackathon. We’re an ‘impact-driven’ DeFi project looking to redistribute capital accrued by protocols back towards social-impact initiatives. I have a strong sense of civic duty, and this is what led me to exploring DAOs, with BitDAO being the first I’ve interacted with in a meaningful way.

I’m also a firm believer in decentralized protocol sovereignty, and feel that it is paramount that we ensure our values are not misrepresented as a result of obligations or interests. To this end, I will always seek council from the community, stakeholders, and advisors before coming to any conclusion; particularly when anything is derived from my own opinions.

A holistic understanding of best practice will only come through engaging with community. I feel strongly about the importance of retaining a perspective that cultivates resistance to bias, and extends dignity, respect, and consideration to all.

If you delegate your votes to me, my first course of action will be to further explore options of how the community could ensure a fair and equitable transfer of value back to those individuals who had mistakenly sent tokens to the contract address. If the majority community determines after careful consideration and discussion that this would benefit the community, and there are no apparent holes in the plan, I will then propose a vote.

Thank you everyone!
With love,



P.S. You can always reach me in the Discord under the same name. Cheers :slight_smile:


As I know, most BIT holders are holding their BIT tokens at Bybit exchange to get staking rewards. How can they delegate their vote if they want to?

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Unfortunately, you can’t actually delegate from a wallet that you can’t sign from. You would have to remove the tokens from Bybit, and then go from there.

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This probably discourage most BIT holders to participate in voting. :thinking:

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Noted! Honestly though, Bitkel, I think this is an issue that’s beyond the DAO’s current capacity to rectify. It would require partners enabling individual wallets for each account. If I’m not mistaken, most exchanges do their remittance internally with general accounts, I don’t believe these are user-specific.

I’ll try and reach out to Bybit and see what they say. PM me a way of contacting you, and I’ll keep ya posted.

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Hi all!

Quick update- if you’re interested in contributing to the community, I suggest joining the Discord, and touching base over the BitDAO channel’s Governance rooms. If you feel you would like to contribute, I encourage you to fill out one of the Ambassador application forms. Lots already have, and a ton of people are already actively working on some great improvements to the community. :heart:

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