🚀|yonks.eth|Your delegate voice at BitDAO [video]

Dear BitDAO Community,

I believe in the opportunity and responsibility that we have here at BitDAO. I decided to commit to the BitDAO Ambassador / Community Delegate program and am very much enjoying the process so far. I am now at a point where I believe that it makes sense for me to create this delegate pitch and begin discovering “my voice” within this community.

:hammer_and_wrench::rocket:|yonks.eth|Your delegate voice at BitDAO [video]

After creating this post, I will be uploading a video that I created which will be a “video” delegate pitch.

Soft Proposal|Delegate Reimbursement |2022-Q1

I will also be submitting a soft proposal through which I will be advocating that BitDAO reimburse ETH transaction costs for BIT delegation through at least 2022-Q1 (31Mar2022).

Will allow the community to decide on some responsible parameters around this proposal (IE: duration, HODL requirements, min $BIT, etc).

Why I created my delegate pitch video (also conveniently a “How To: Delegate Using the BitDAO Tool”), I also delegated my 500 $BIT … it resulted in almost 0.02 ETH gas costs.

Who is Yonks❓

I am a serial entrepreneur that is passionate about developing win / win / win situations. All in on DAOs in 2021. My main focus is REtoken|The Real Estate DAO and our main project is TokenTown|The HOA Destroyer.

I truly have found my home and community within DAO frameworks and am looking forward to help #BUIDL a solid DAO framework here as well!!

Hopefully we can hang out on voice chat &/or a LiveStream soon!! MrsYonks & I :heart: to have fun!!



If I wasn’t in it here with you trying to get my own delegated votes (and if gas weren’t a thing :sweat_smile:) you would certainly be my first choice as a community delegate.

I really appreciate the hard work you’ve been putting into this- not to mention all of the other collaboration I see you engaging in. Can’t forget to mention Mrs.Yonks as well. You two make an awesome team, and getting the chance to work with you both has meant learning something new every time we chat- 2022 is going to be a stellar year!

Hope to see you around the forums in the proposal discussions!


Great idea, I like it.

Noticed that I hadn’t uploaded video yet. Here it is!!


Great job yonks! I appreciate your works and hope your efforts will be seen by the bitDAO dev team.

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Come on, I hope you can be known by bitDao partners and make important contributions to the community.