[ARCHIVED] BitDAO Business Committee

Hey folks! :grinning:

I’m creating this topic to discuss the possibility of having a committee without mixing the subjects in the PleasrDAO topic.

In the last few days we have seen a great movement from the BitDAO community asking for changes, this can come with friendly discussions or with exultant voices, but I believe that the common goal of all is to make BitDAO better and better.

PleasrDAO’s proposal led us to a debate an urgent need for definition: Should we accept or not a proposal with confidentiality terms? and how to proceed? (JonAllen article about this)

Other DAOs have teams with autonomy to make decisions and perform functions, as is the case of MakerDAO with the SES team, which is a team focused on the growth of the organization, this does not interfere with their governance at all.

@cateatpeanut suggested some options and one of them was the creation of a committee in order to review confidential clauses and evaluate these proposals and deals, I agreed on the topic but making some observations too.
So I decided to write some more terms that in my opinion should be taken in consideration:

  • A possible Committee will not have a final decision on whether or not a proposal should be approved in governance, its role is to look after BitDAO’s interests, verifying that the terms are within compliance and legality.

  • The committee members will have pre-defined rights and duties, no one is CEO or representative of the entire Community, BitDAO will remain with the active voice of the various groups that compose it.

  • The committee will consist of at least 5 members of the BitDAO community.

Can be represented as follows: 1 representative of Windranger, 1 for Mirana and 1 for Alameda and 2 community members with no professional connection to early adopters. In this way I believe we will guarantee the plurality of voices from the BitDAO community.

  • Decision-making must be done through votes; 1:1

  • Members will be remunerated equally for the exercise of their functions, the costs will be paid by the BitDAO treasury, to guarantee independence, isonomy and autonomy in decisions.

  • After 12 months, details of agendas, negotiations and contracts will be released to the community, ideally before new mandates so the community can better evaluate the performance of members.

We should also create some sort of constitution or bylaws for the committee. Some suggestions:


i agree. for retail bit holder, we can delegate some representative to check the confidentiality terms instead of exposing the content


This “Committee” will make the all community work more transparent.
Tbh, very helpful.


@Don an interesting idea,

How could the community vote on confidential clauses with zero knowledge of what they’re voting on?
As releasing to the voting public, they would cease being confidential clauses an become public ones :wink:

Also I wonder about the required scope of the committee members expertise i.e. I’d image legal specialism being distinct from economic specialism


I agree with that, it is very useful and innovative…good luck. Thank you

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I totally agree with your view, it would be awkward to wait for a proposal with hidden clauses to be voted on by the community.


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